A Garden For Guests: Make Your Backyard Suitable For Entertaining

Jan 08 2019
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I don’t think its a secret here on the blog how much I adore my deck and just how much time I (and maybe all of us Minnesotan’s) spend outside in the summers. I just love outdoor entertaining and seeing my yard filled with my friends and family is incredibly special for me. From my fire pit to my huge deck (I call it my dance floor) I always have more plans to make it even more functional every year.

And, of course, this time of the year in January is usually when I get the most excited and start dreaming of sun bathing out there in the summer time.

Another six days and we will officially hit our winter half way point, I just can’t wait until spring!

On top of entertaining though I was so excited to realize that I will have time to garden this year too!

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With Christmas done and dusted, it’s all about looking forward to the spring. No one likes these drab and miserable few months at the start of the year, so why not make plans and getting excited about what’s to come when the weather warms up?

If you love entertaining guests in the garden, here are just a few ways you can get the space looking ship shape. You might not be able to start on it just yet, but you can start making plans and putting items on your shopping list. Here’s how to go about it.

Tidy it up

Just giving the garden a general clean and tidy will make a huge difference to the overall appearance. Cut back shrubs and bushes that have grown out of control.

Spend time getting the lawn looking lush and green, fertilising twice a year and overseeding with a quality grass seed will both help you to achieve this. Jet hose slabs, and sand and stain any decking. Repaint faded fences, garden furniture and sheds.

These kinds of jobs only need doing once a year and will really smarten things up and give you a good blank canvas if you want to spruce things up further.

If you have things like tools, bicycles, wellies or general clutter that’s accumulated outside, put all of this away so the space looks clear and tidy.

Make it colourful

Once the garden is in a clean and tidy state, you can work on making it look pretty.

Dig out beds and borders and fill them with blooms. Add pots and hanging baskets, this adds interest to even the plainest of gardens. It gives the impression that the garden is well cared for, and it can generally make the area more pleasant for you and your guests.

You could purchase some bulbs or seeds if you want to save money and grow them yourself. Otherwise, go to a garden centre and buy some inexpensive annuals.

They’ll only flower for one year, but look great while they’re down and are an easy way to add some instant colour.

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Find the right seating

Speaking of garden furniture, if you want to entertain guests you need the right seating. You need enough seats for the number of guests you regularly entertain, it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra too.

A large outdoor table and chairs with a parasol will work for most gardens and entertaining scenarios. You can always purchase a few extra foldable chairs and put these in the shed for larger barbeques and garden parties. A garden swing and a bench somewhere in the yard are also good options.

One thing you could do in an emergency you end up with lots of extra guests is to lay down picnic blankets on the lawn. Large, outdoor cushions would make things more comfy and can be stored in the shed or in an outdoor lockup.

Purchase a good barbeque

With barbeques in mind, chances are most of your summer entertaining will revolve around the grill.

So a good quality model is essential, something large enough to cook for the guests you usually have. The better models can be expensive but are a good investment, you can use them year after year.

Decide if you want charcoal or gas- you could even DIY a barbeque by purchasing a kit with bricks and all of the racks needed. If you’re buying a model from a shop, be sure to cover it when it’s not in use to protect it from the elements. Otherwise you could look into moving it to a shed or garage over the autumn and winter.

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Add lighting

Do your parties tend to stretch on through to the evening?

If so, you’ll need lighting so you and your guests aren’t sitting in the dark! Floodlights might be good for security but not as much when it comes to entertaining, particularly if it keeps going off. Invest in a good outdoor light fitting and a bulb that’s bright enough to illuminate your patio area.

You could also think about decorative and mood lighting.

Solar lights, battery operated fairy lights and LED faux candles to go in your outdoor lanterns. Even if you don’t already have an outdoor light, it’s not a difficult job for an electrician. If you use smart home lighting, you can even adjust the brightness or warmth of the bulb right from your phone to tailor the lighting to every kind of atmosphere.

Consider a patio heater

Again, if your parties go on later into the evening, a patio heater will stop guests from getting too chilly. Even on warm summer days the temperature can drop later on.

A chiminea or firepit would be another option, or you could even have an outdoor fireplace installed. It will keep everyone warm and create a nice cosy atmosphere.

A heat source of some kind will enable you to use your garden for more months of the year too. Whether it’s earlier in spring or late in autumn, as long as you get a dry evening you can sit in the garden with a hot drink and enjoy your outdoor space.

Add some features

Is your garden a little bland and boring? If so, one or two features could really give it personality and bring it to life. Perhaps you could add a gazebo, which would also double up as an additional seating area.

You could dig out a fish pond, or add a decked area.

You could add a water feature of some kind, which would both look and sound nice in the garden. Even a small garden could use at least one feature, so decide what would be best in the space you have.

Do you do much entertaining in the garden in the summer? Will you be reviving your backyard once the spring rolls back around?

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If you love entertaining guests in the garden, here are just a few ways you can get the space looking ship shape. Start dreaming right now before spring!

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