Top 3 DIY Tips to Hide Ugly Water Heaters and Furnaces

Mar 08 2019
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Top 3 DIY Tips to Hide Ugly Water Heaters and Furnaces. Hiding ugliness in our homes is something I think we all spend a lot of time doing. Some of us are fortunate enough to have a small room or closet devoted to the inner workings in our homes. But that’s not always an option, especially in smaller houses. Curtains, doors and even cabinets are all great options.

Nowadays with on the option on on demand hot water heaters many bathrooms now just have a small one tucked into a cabinet freeing up the need for a large closet to store the older style tank water heaters.

The largest ugly I had to cover up was the terrible choice by electrician made putting my electrical panels smack dab in the middle of my entryway. It worked out though, as I do love my old style closet I made with one of my grandparents’ barn doors.

How to DIY Build a rustic closet with an old barn door and coat rack(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Water heaters and furnaces play a pretty important role in your home.

But let’s face it, they’re certainly not the prettiest looking things out there. Some people are lucky, and their water heater and furnace are stashed off in some closet where it is out of sight and out of mind.

But for many of us, our water heaters and furnaces are installed in inconvenient areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or the laundry room. This can totally throw off the decor scheme of a room, and it can cause the room to have an unfinished look to it.

So, what can you do to hide an unsightly water heater or furnace?

Read on to learn the top 3 DIY tips for hiding them.

1. Curtain Call

Using a curtain to hide your water heater and furnace is perhaps the easiest of all the DIY methods.

All you have to do is buy some shower curtain rods that can be mounted from the ceiling, a shower curtain (or some other type of cloth curtain), and a curved connecting pipe.

It’s best to pick a curtain that is extra long, as this will ensure you have floor to ceiling coverage.

Installing the rod and curtain will take no time at all, and once you have it installed, you’ll notice a huge difference in the look of the room. Plus, the great thing about curtain installation is that it still makes it easy to check on your water heater and furnace when you need to.

Just make sure you know what you’re doing when installing everything, otherwise, you may end up needing to make a call to an HVAC company, like Heating Repair Services – Valley Comfort Heating and Air.

2. Completely Enclose It

Another option is to use some planks and drywall to completely enclose the water heater/furnace.

In order to do this, you will first need to plan the enclosure by drawing some designs. Once your designs are drawn up, you’ll want to purchase some 2×4 drywall sheets and a door.

You’ll start by framing the 2×4 enclosures to the wall studs, and then framing the rest of the enclosure. You will then nail the drywall into place, and then fit the door.

As a result, you will have a large rectangular box that covers the water heater and furnace. Just make sure you leave a bit of space for ventilation.

Closet door alternative, light, easy to make and beautiful. Tip and tutorial on how to make your own closet doors DIY.

3. Cabinets

DIY cabinets are another great way to hide unsightly water heaters and furnaces.

The type of cabinet you build will really depend on the type of water heater you have. For example, if you have a tanked water heater, you will want to frame more of a closet around it, and then allow enough room for access when needed.

You can use matching hardware and cabinet doors to create a panel that will serve as a door to the little closet/cabinet that you’ve created.

If you have a tankless water heater, which is a water heater that is mounted to a wall, then you’ll simply want to create a cabinet around it. It should be pretty easy to find prefabricated cabinets fit the dimensions of your water heater.

As you can see, hiding your water heater or furnace is not that difficult. Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions about these DIY tips!

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)


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