Sorting out Niggling Home Issues

Jul 05 2018
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I snorted when I read the first part of this article because OMG SO TRUE! No matter how many renovations you do, how much time and effort you put into your home, there will ALWAYS still be issues lol. I have learned this lesson as an absolute truth since the renovation and over the last couple of years living here. A home will never be truly finished… but maybe that is a good thing… it certainly helps keep me in shape and out of trouble! The following is an article contributed to Grandma’s House DIY that I felt was really informative.

Your home is something you’re going to have spent a lot of time and effort on over the past few years. If you think about it, the time and effort you have actually put in will have completely transformed your home.

You might have had renovations done, changed the decor a few times, made the garden nice and pretty… the list can go on. However, despite all of this, it doesn’t stop the fact that niggling home issues are still going to pop up.

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They’ll be the ones that might not seem so serious, but they will be staring you in the face, day in, day out. Now, we know that your time is precious, and you might not always have a lot of it on your hands to sort the little things that might be wrong with your home.

But, the longer you leave a problem, the worse it’s going to get. It could develop into a problem that’s going to cost you a lot of money that you just weren’t prepared to spend.

So, if you’ve got a few niggling home issues, we think we might know a few of them, and we think we might have a few tips that should help you sort them out ASAP. Have a read on to find out more.

It doesn’t stop the fact that niggling home issues are still going to pop up Here are some tips to deal with some of your house problems one issue at a time

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Are You Melting?

If you’re experiencing some serious heat at the minute, then you probably are feeling a bit hot under the collar whenever you leave the home. But if you find yourself melting when you’re in the home, but you have an air conditioning unit, then you’re going through one of the worst things imaginable.

If it’s broke, during a hot summer, and all you have is a fan, it’s like the air conditioning unit is teasing you, starring you in the face. Now, you might think that getting it repaired is expensive, or perhaps you just haven’t had the time to be at home for an engineer to come around?

Whatever your reason may be, we’re here to try and convince you to get it fixed. A Hvac contractor could easily come to your home and sort the issue for you, and a lot of the companies work outside of work hours, so they’ll be able to come to your home at a time that suits you.

If you’re struggling with the heat so badly, and it’s beginning to disrupt your sleep a little, then we highly recommend that you contact someone who is going to be able to fix it. It’ll save you a lot of sleepless and sticky nights, and it’ll mean you have a nice heating system for when the temperatures begin to suddenly drop.

Whatever you do, do not try and fix it yourself, it’s definitely not something that you’re going to be able to do!

Drip Drip Drip?

If this is the only sound that you hear, no matter whether we’re talking about the bathroom or the kitchen, it’s a sound that you just can’t get out of your head.

When you have a leaky tap, it isn’t really your first priority to fix, especially if you’re a busy person who spends most of their time out of the house. But gradually, over time, this drip could progress to something much bigger, and the last thing that you’re going to want is a complete flood on your hands. But this is the situation that a lot of people get themselves into.

A flood can easily happen as the part of the piping that’s corroded, further corrodes. The expenses of a whole house flooding is massive, and you best believe that it isn’t going to happen whilst you’re in the house. Like with most things in life, it will happen at the most inconvenient time, and that’s when you’re out of the house, and when it can cause the most damage.

Something so simple as a leaky tap can probably be fixed by yourself. All you need to do is find the part of the actual faucet head that’s broke, by using this guide here, and getting yourself a replacement to make sure that the leaking stops. If you just don’t feel comfortable tackling something like this, then you could always enlist the help of a man that you know will be happy to do it.

Usually, getting a plumber out to your home for something like this is only going to be wasting your money.

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Electrical Trips

These are just so annoying, because they’ll happen at the time when you’re really busy using an electrical device. You might be coming to a pinnacle moment of a TV programme, sending an email on your laptop, or drying your hair.

Usually, all you will have to do is find your power box, and put the switch back up. However, if you find it’s happening once or twice a day, then you probably should get an electrician out to look at it.

It could be something so simple as the weather causing you the problems, or it could be something like having too much power running through your house at once. Or, on the other hand, it could be something to do with the power lines running through your home being faulty, which could be an expensive job to fix.

However, if it’s going to stop your electricity cutting out all the time, it’ll definitely be worth it.

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Something Not Working?

Something not working just generally gets in the way of everyday life. In most of our cases, the item that’s not working is usually something electrical, which is not usually that hard to fix.

You can either replace it, or take it to a store where they will fix it. But for some reason, we love to leave things the longest possible time before we actually try and sort them. The result of which is an impact on our life.

If your microwave has stopped working, get it replaced. If your good hoover is broke, see if the company who produces them has replacement parts. It’s not as hard as we make it out to be!

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

It doesn’t stop the fact that niggling home issues are still going to pop up Here are some tips to deal with some of your house problems one issue at a time

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  1. July 5, 2018 at 7:58 am

    Hi Tarah…. That was an interesting post…. I want to add some advice too. UK homes usually don’t have air-con. But then we don’t get those extreme temps very often. However, we are in the middle of a heat wave and oh how the Brits love to complain about the weather. Any weather! But when it gets hot and sunny, I always have the blinds/drapes closed so that the house is dark. Then I open what windows I can (of course you cannot leave the house empty with all the windows open), usually those upstairs which can be tilted back into the room about 8 inches whilst remaining locked. So it’s cool, dark, and there is some air. Like you, we do not have carpeted floors. That helps. But so many people who complain about the heat look at you as though you are crazy when you tell them to close the blinds!! Ah well, some will learn, some won’t! Enjoy the summer.

    • July 5, 2018 at 8:27 am

      Hi Susan, you are SO right about keeping the blinds shut and the windows open. Here in northern MN we really only have maybe a month or two where it is truly hot. Many of us don’t use air conditioners just because even in the hottest of times it still cools down here at night. My best friend sets up box fans in a couple key places in her house, gets the windows open and closes all the blinds and it stays very comfortable in her home. My house is so shaded with such a deep old concrete basement and foundation that even on 100 degree days I can’t remember it ever getting over 80 degrees on my main floor, usually it stays around 70 so I’m really lucky!

  2. July 7, 2018 at 10:19 am

    I am not sure I like this article lol. Now I have to fix that darn tap, fill in some more nail holes, and paint the ends of the frames I built for the bathroom mirrors.

    Those three particular jobs nag at me all the time and yet I never get them done. Your post is spot on, and I guess I am thankful for the nudge. lol

    • July 9, 2018 at 9:45 am

      lol Leanna I totally hear ya! I swear the work on our homes is literally never done omg!

  3. Ann Daley
    July 8, 2018 at 10:52 am

    You are so right about the niggling jobs. In our house the electrics would trip for no apparent reason. Brought in an electrician (£££) he couldn’t find anything wrong. Eventually I found it was the flex running between the mains adaptor and my radio. It had got worn at the radio jack plug end and was causing the odd shorting out. It could be worth a look for someone else experiencing a similar niggle

    • July 9, 2018 at 9:50 am

      Hi Ann, great tip, thank you for sharing that! It absolutely amazes me on how any home there is always something to do lol

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