The Definitive Guide To Household Job To-Do Lists

Dec 15 2018
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Back before the blog to-do-lists were a constant in my house. I would have stacks of them devoted to each room and I always had one in hand (not to mention one in my head) every moment I was doing the renovation here. I’ve actually bemoaned myself for throwing them all away! How neat would it have been to have every to do list I completed in the renovation in a box somewhere?!

It would have a been a very full, VERY big box lol!

Now that I’m a blogger every job in my home coincides with blog posts which means all of my to-do lists have gone digital.

In my email I always have one email from myself. The subject is “Schedule” and in that email I have a list of all of the upcoming posts that I have not completed yet in order by date. At the top I have notes to myself of jobs for those posts that need to be done ASAP.

I update it ALMOST daily!

The blog has been both a blessing for me in that way and, also, a bit of a curse lol It’s a blessing because it makes certain I get my housework done – its a stress because OMG now I have a deadline!

This article ends perfectly though with “Be Realistic” because I think we all have lofty goals and really just need to take it one step at a time!

By keeping a to-do-list to hand, you ensure that you know job that needs doing. In our difinitive guide to household to-do lists find out how to best.
(The following is a contributed article.)

You don’t stand any chance at keeping on top of things at home without a trusty to-do-list on hand. Whether you live in a small apartment or are dealing with a whole farm, plenty of jobs will creep up on you.

By keeping a to-do-list you ensure that you know everything which needs doing. This way, you can turn to your list the moment you get a spare afternoon and tackle one thing at a time.

It won’t be long until something else takes its place, of course, but that’s not the point. Rome was not built in a day, and nor will your house!

At least with a list to rely on, you stand a chance at getting everything finished at some stage.

Of course, starting is the hardest thing about a method like this. Right now, so many things may need doing that you’re not able to keep track.

That can make it tricky to get going, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. That’s why we’ve put together a little list about where to begin with your to-do-list.

By keeping a to-do-list to hand, you ensure that you know job that needs doing. In our difinitive guide to household to-do lists find out how to best.

Make an Assessment

First, walk around the house and jot down every last job. At this stage, don’t worry about where each job goes. Just write it down and move onto the next thing.

INCLUDE EVERYTHING. Even decorating can make an appearance on there somewhere. Think of this as an inventory for the jobs you haven’t gotten round to yet.

Be thorough in each room to ensure that you include every single thing you need to address at some stage. Make sure, too, that you include jobs for both inside and out!

Most Important Things

Once you have this initial list, grab two more pieces of paper, and mark one as urgent, and one as not. Then, go through that initial list and separate the the MIT (most important things) from those which can wait an indeterminate amount of time.

Your MIT list should include jobs like roof and garage door repair, as well as things like sealing your windows.

By keeping a to-do-list to hand, you ensure that you know job that needs doing. In our difinitive guide to household to-do lists find out how to best.

By comparison, your other list could include things like redecorations.

You should then display both lists in plain view. That way, you can come back to them each time you have a spare moment. (It may even be worth putting estimated times next to each task so that you can make the most out of any free time you get.)

A Home is Never Done

Of course, a to-do-list is a never-ending task to some extent. As such, you may also want to leave plenty of room on each sheet for additional issues as they arise.

(Or even consider making a to-do list for each room.)

This may mean knocking jobs off the top spot, but that’s just part of keeping on top of a home. If you aren’t flexible, you could soon find your plans here falling apart.

So, be realistic.

If a pressing issue makes itself known, consider it against your current to-do-list. Decide whether it’s more important than those other tasks. If it is, put it straight to the top.

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)
By keeping a to-do-list to hand, you ensure that you know job that needs doing. In our difinitive guide to household to-do lists find out how to best.

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