How To Pick The Ideal Gifts For Your Friends

Apr 01 2022
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Picking good gifts for people I find is a lot more enjoyable than receiving gifts now that I’m a little older. One thing that’s helped me a lot is the Idea lists part of Amazon. There are really only two holidays for gift exchanges in my family which is birthdays and xmas so, throughout the year, I drop gift ideas on their lists on my Amazon account so I don’t forget! Its made me a far better gift giver!

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(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Having friends comes with many perks worth considering. Not only do you avoid the risk of social isolation and loneliness, but you can also destress and avoid physical health conditions like insomnia and digestive problems. Moreover, your friends are good emotional support whenever you feel down while giving you a sense of belonging. A 2021 survey revealed that Americans have fewer friends than three decades ago. That said, it’s great if you’re still very close to your pals. Indeed, it’s prudent to appreciate your friends and what better way than to surprise them with random gifts! Are you wondering how to pick the best gift? If yes, here are some strategies to help you out. 

  • Listen to your friends 

It’s not unusual to get lost in your conversation with your friends and be negligent of certain comments. However, you’ll find it helpful to pay attention to what they say. You’d be surprised at how much information you’d get from listening. You can easily understand what they are passionate about, which can inform your decision regarding the best gift to buy. Moreover, listening to them will let them know that you care for them, strengthening your friendship. That said, you’ll find it helpful to take note of certain cues when you converse with your friends, irrespective of how trivial it seems. 

For instance, if they always talk about buying a certain item soon, you can be sure they are interested. You also want to remember your past conversations for clues regarding what your friends wish to own. Presenting these gifts will pleasantly surprise them and win you their gratitude and loyalty. 

  • Consider their hobbies and interests 

It would suck to get something that your friends don’t like. While they might forgive you or accept it to avoid hurting you, you may still feel bad for making a mistake. Therefore, it’s best to figure out what your friends like and dislike. For instance, if your friends love to care for the environment, ensure that your gifts are eco-friendly. Also, quality workout gear will be a great gift to get for your friend who’s all about fitness. Your friends’ hobbies are also a great guide to getting the best gifts, so keep this in mind. Assuming your friend enjoys painting, you’ll find it helpful to gift items like handmade leather notebooks for their sketches, airless pens, etc. You can also gift your herb gardener friend a herb pot planter set. 

  • Try gifting experiences 

Indeed, physical gifts are excellent. But have you tried gifting an experience? Research indicates that approximately 62% of Americans want experiences instead of physical gifts. Gifting experiences come with their benefits. For starters, your friends are more likely to get more excited about these events, especially if it’s happening soon. Also, they are great ways to create lasting memories that they’ll cherish for a long time. Moreover, you can opt for this if you don’t know how to shop for your friends. Therefore, you want to consider this option if you haven’t already. 

Fortunately, several experiences are guaranteed to pleasantly surprise your friends. For instance, you can organize a personalized video message from their favorite celebrity or book a weekend getaway to help them unwind and destress. If your friend is a metalhead, you can surprise them with front-row tickets to their favorite band’s concert. Also, an indoor skydiving session, bungee jumping, jet ski tour, or zipline adventure are all experience ideas to gift your adventurous buddies. Likewise, get your foodie friends food tours, private chef experiences, cooking tours, wine tasting sessions, mixology classes, etc. 

  • Be thoughtful 

It’s one thing to buy gifts and another to be intentional about it. Various studies indicate that spending more on a gift doesn’t mean that it will be well appreciated. This means that your friends may not necessarily like your gift, irrespective of its cost. This may lead to disappointment on both sides. Your friends may think you don’t know what they like, leading to strains in your relationships. 

Therefore, it’s essential to be as thoughtful as possible when presenting your gifts. Determine what kinds of brands they appreciate, and tailor your gifts along that line. Although the price doesn’t matter when buying presents, it doesn’t mean that you should get low-quality options. You can splurge on expensive gifts occasionally if they are within your budget. For example, if your friend loves watches, choosing a watch from luxury collections such as the WatchBox Patek Philippe watches will be a thoughtful gift.

Picking good gifts for people I find is a lot more enjoyable than receiving gifts now that I'm a little older. One thing that's helped
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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