Get Inspired By Interior Styles from Around the World

Jun 27 2022
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I love how over the years social media and the internet have brought such gorgeous diversity and interior styles from around the globe right into our homes. Whenever I’m in a store that has hand painted Moroccan tiles I just HAVE to go and drool over them. Such color and talent – such beauty! I love the warmth of Italian interior styles as well – terracotta and sunlight is what it feels like to me and definitely influenced my buttery color choice in our living room!

A farmhouse living room remodel renovation reveal. Farm house living with a boho and practical twist, finally completing the main floors of my home
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When you’re looking for inspiration to decorate your home, you might not know where to start. One option is to look at all of the beautiful interior styles and trends from around the world to get inspiration.

While no one in any country decorates their homes in exactly the same way as everyone else, there are certain styles that are associated with certain countries.

Popular styles in architecture and interior design can arise from many things in each country, including the climate, culture, and just the general tastes of the population. If you’re looking for inspiration, try these global styles to get some ideas.


Modern Scandinavian style is a popular choice for anyone who wants to take a minimalistic approach to their interiors. Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Norway have to make the most of the natural light that they get, especially in the winter. Homes may also be fairly small, which means it’s important to make the most of the available space.

Scandi style will often start with a neutral base, including white walls and natural materials. But it will also add some bright colors and fun patterns. Another option is to look at a more traditional Scandinavian style, which incorporates folk elements.


French interiors usually evoke images of chic and sophisticated rooms. Even the slightly more rustic French country style is typically more refined than some other country interior styles. If you’re thinking about bringing some French style into your home, consider how you can create a timeless look.

Using vintage (or vintage-style) furniture, soft colors, and traditional patterns will help you to get it right. Of course, there are various French styles and trends to explore, so you can look at the ways French interiors have developed through time. You’re sure to find some inspiration that will help you decorate your own home.


The Japanese interior style also tends to be minimal. In fact, it is often combined with Scandinavian elements to create the Japandi style. Unlike Scandi interiors, the modern Japanese style is less likely to use bright colors. It’s often monochrome or focuses on using neutral and natural shades. It’s important to think about how to balance everything and create a harmonious space if you want to bring Japanese style into your home.

Introduce some plants, such as bonsai trees and other zen elements. Natural materials such as wood and paper can be a particular feature to focus on.


For anyone who likes interior styles that are closer to maximalism than minimalism, the Moroccan style could be a great choice. In Moroccan interior style, you’ll find lots of beautifully patterned tiles, plenty of color, luxurious fabrics, and some impressive plants.

Moroccan style is perfect if you live somewhere with a warmer climate, but it can look good anywhere. Look for tiles that feature geometric designs, low seating, and rich colors. Lighting can be another important element.

Try looking for Moroccan lanterns, which can add something dramatic and ostentatious to any room in your home. 


Spanish interior design is another colorful option that’s influenced by the warmer weather.

You can find vibrant Mediterranean colors such as yellow and terracotta, as well as warm hues and bright patterns. You will often find tiled flooring, which is perfect for keeping homes cool in the summer, and natural wooden floors are common too.

Spanish interiors are often influenced by nearby countries, including France, Morocco, and Italy. Moorish elements can be found in Spanish interiors too, due to the country’s history. You can explore different Spanish styles, including colonial Spanish style and the Spanish revival style of the 1920s.


Chinese interior design can offer you plenty of inspiration for your home.

There are lots of trends influenced by China’s history, as well as modern trends that might inspire you. Similarly to Japanese interior design, you can find some lovely natural elements in Chinese design.

Bamboo is a material that you will often see, and it can be an eco-friendly choice to use in your home too. One of the unique things about Chinese interiors is the use of lacquer techniques to create intricate designs. Separating screens are another great trend, and they’re excellent for dividing up an open-plan space.


Italian interiors offer another Mediterranean option for people who like warm colors, as well as warm blue tones and neutral tans and grays. Like many European countries, you can find both grand architecture and design and more rustic, cozy interiors from small villages and towns.

You can use elements such as natural wood finishes and soft textures to create a light and airy feel. Try mixing modern and older design elements to create a look that reflects the Italian lifestyle and architecture. You can be inspired by coastal villages and big cities.


If you’re looking for sophistication and timeless design, you could find what you’re looking for in British design.

There are some different design options that you might consider, including stately home-inspired design or more rustic country styles. Think about whether you want something that you might find in a castle or manor house, or whether you’re looking for something that’s reminiscent of a cute cottage.

You will often find a lot of neutral colors and simple design elements in British design, but richer colors can be present too. Another thing to look for is motifs of the British countryside and wildlife, such as deer, rabbits, and badgers.


Mexican interio design is a great choice if you want something eclectic. You can see that it has been influenced by the Spanish colonial era, but there are also plenty of elements from indigenous Mexican design. There are often lots of vibrant colors and eye-catching elements, such as rustic metal and wood. Earthy colors like reds and browns are good options, but you can use brighter hues too. Look for Mexican-inspired textiles too, which should feature beautiful embroidery and woven fabrics.

Interior styles from around the world can inspire your own interiors. Look at different styles to find what speaks to you. You can even mix and match them to create your own style.

I love how over the years social media and the internet have brought such gorgeous diversity and interior styles from around the globe.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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