June And July Jobs To Keep The Garden Looking Pristine

Jun 15 2020
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June and July in Minnesota is pretty much all about the yard and garden around here. Lodi purchased us a riding lawn mower and attacked this old farm yard with a vengeance. I’m not much of a grass person but I am a garden person! Between our new asparagus bed, new mulch, planted vegetable garden and weeding our perennial flower beds I am in absolute Heaven. Coming up the last Sunday of this month I can’t wait to show you guys our spring photo gallery too!

Continuing the tradition of every year buying, planning and planting over a weekend with my awesome mom in our 2020 gardens, Lodi joined us this year!(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

With the summer nearly in full swing, attention is turning sharply to the garden. This time of year, there’s so much natural activity and plant growth, it is hard to keep everything under control. A backyard that looked perfect in early spring soon transforms into a tangled mess in need of serious work. 

Let’s take a look at some quick and easy ways of keeping your garden looking pristine. 

Lay Down Artificial Turf

The summer months can take their toll on your lawn, drying it out and leaving it bare. You either have a choice of using a sprinkler to water it, often at significant expense. Or you can leave it, hoping it will recover by the middle of autumn. 

Laying down artificial turf, however, solves both these problems while eliminating maintenance. You just put it down, and it’ll serve you ten years or more before requiring replacement. To maintain it, hose it down to get rid of the dirt. 

Edge Your Lawn

If laying down artificial turf sounds too drastic to you, then you can still upgrade your yard’s appearance with a bit of lawn edging. Creating a nice, clean break between turf and beds instantly enhances the aesthetics of your garden and lifts the entire space.

If there’s a gap between garden features (like beds or raised decking) and lawn, then fill it with attractive pebbles from the garden center. 

Deter Bird Poop

While you love having birds in your garden, some of the larger species, especially geese, can ruin the aesthetics. Bird droppings are highly acidic and can kill grass and other plants if deposited in sufficient quantities.

Once you know how to stop geese from pooping in yard, you’re sorted. All you need to do is treat your grass with products that discourage geese from feeding on it. Once they discover that it is inedible, they’ll quickly move on, leaving your lovely lawn intact. 

Upcycle Old Garden Items

Old pedestals, arbors, and stones quickly lose their luster and start to look tired over time. Fortunately, though, you can quickly remedy this problem by upcycling them. 

If you have some rusty garden chairs, sand them down and repaint them with a metal undercoat and gloss. Likewise, if your patio is covered in weeds and moss, pressure wash them off, revealing the bright, attractive stone underneath. 

Get New Furniture

Sometimes, the quickest way to improve the appearance of your garden is to introduce new furniture. Modern options are incredibly stylish. 

Set Up An Automatic Sprinkling System

Keeping your lawn verdant in the summer month is a challenge, but not impossible. Essentially, all you need to do is set up a sprinkler system that comes on early in the morning. It provides the grass with the moisture it needs to stay bright and green throughout the day. What’s more, when you choose an automatic sprinkler, it completely takes the effort out of the process. 

So hopefully, these June and July jobs will keep your garden looking beautiful.

June and July in Minnesota is pretty much all about the yard and garden around here. Lodi purchased us a riding lawn mower and attacked this old farm yard(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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