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Oct 12 2021
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I was really pleasantly surprised by how much our lives improved when we decided to “go green” with several areas of our household. My choice to start making all of our household cleaners, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent were, initially, because of my own allergies. But to find out how much money it saved us too was a double whammy! There are MANY easy ways to go more green in our homes than I think many of us realize!

Continuing the tradition of every year buying, planning and planting over a weekend with my awesome mom in our 2020 gardens, Lodi joined us this year!(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

It’s impossible to ignore the impacts of global warming. And while our family likes to think we do our bit, there is obviously room for improvement. As the fall arrives and the surroundings change, it has got us thinking about the upgrades we can make.

Here are eight great tips we’re consciously trying to implement that will aid your life too.

Doing more with the backyard

Being more appreciative of nature is naturally the perfect starting point for adopting a greener lifestyle. The garden is an ideal outlet to facilitate this. Growing fruit and veg, for example, can only encourage a winning mindset. This is in addition to the direct benefits gained.

Simply spending more time in the garden encourages a greener lifestyle. Therefore, a deck and deck staircase makeover can be very useful. When the garden feels more practical, you will increase the frequency and duration of time spent there. With the right updates, it’ll become the perfect venue to host friends and family too.

I know how spending more time outside enjoying the sun and fresh air improves my mental wellness. The garden is literally on the back doorstep, and it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunities it brings.

Boosting energy-efficiency levels

It’s impossible to think about having a greener lifestyle without considering energy consumption. Given that we all spend more time at home than any other setting, it’s imperative that we get the home situation under control. It’s been my priority for a long time but is also an ongoing commitment.

Lost heat is the biggest source of problems. The replacement windows buying guide has been particularly useful. After all, there is little point in making an upgrade unless the best solution is found. In addition to the windows, I cannot stress the importance of doors and roof insulation. 

Away from heat loss, adding a Smart thermostat or other automated tech is another goal for us. Like anyone, I’m guilty of forgetting to do things from time to time. When the home learns to create the most efficient solution, success is assured.

Reducing household waste

The addition of automated tech can help overcome issues like leaving the central heating on or not turning lights off. However, it is also important to turn electronics off at night and learn to shut doors for added warmth. Otherwise, unnecessary energy loss continues to soar, meaning larger bills and carbon footprints.

In reality, though, food waste is the big issue. It is shown that around one-third of food ends up in the trash. I’ve made a conscious effort to analyze our food consumption and have tailored the grocery shopping accordingly. It has already generated a noticeable difference in food waste levels and expenses.

Plastics, glass jars, and other recyclable materials are another hot talking point for most families. We’ll commit to being more mindful about our approach to using those items if you do. Deal?

Learning to repair rather than replace

We live in a world where we are often encouraged to replace items as soon as they become faulty. In truth, there are situations where upgrades are needed. A good example is when you have outdated appliances that use less water and energy than older products. However, there are many situations where repair jobs are the best solution by far.

You can find online guides to complete an array of common household fixes. Whether it’s rewiring a plug, repairing a cupboard, or restoring a faulty TV screen doesn’t matter. It will save you the time and expense of buying a new product. Moreover, by giving your existing items a new lease of life, your carbon footprint stays lower.

I’ve recently made a couple of small repairs, such as fixing a faucet. While they are nothing special, there’s no doubt that it provides a sense of satisfaction too. Replacements will be needed from time to time but resisting the urge to rush in will serve you well.

Altering habits outside of the home

Going green at home will have a massive impact on your life. However, if you’re anything like us, then your habits outside of the home will be key too. Our family is consciously trying to find a better lifestyle, which means improvements to daily life as well as bigger occasions. In today’s climate, there’s no excuse not to make an effort.

Purchasing an all-electric vehicle, or even a hybrid, will reduce carbon emissions. However, it’s equally important to think about ideas like cycling or walking rather than taking the car everywhere. Aside from using less energy, it is a great way to engage with natural surroundings and enjoy the fresh air.

Once again, wholesale changes are the only way to generate significant success. Not least because it means you stay in the right mindset at all times. Even simple ideas like taking the stairs rather than the elevator can pay dividends.

Making smarter brand choices

Becoming eco-friendly has to be a personal journey. The decisions you make in day-to-day life will set the right tone. However, it would be foolish to ignore the fact that personal habits have far less impact than those made by companies. Therefore, partnering with brands that are dedicated to greener operations is vital.

The road to carbon-neutral is a concept shared by companies across many different industries. Most companies that avoid plastics or use renewable energy will promote this. We’ve made it a conscious habit to check out the ‘about’ pages on company websites before using them. It is one of the simplest ways to do more.

We all know about some of the companies that are leading the way for greener tech too. Where possible, choosing local companies will aid the cause due to the delivery aspects. You can’t always go green, but must do it when you can.

Staying consistent

I won’t lie, there are many times in the last few years where I’ve made improvements for a short while before reverting to old habits. If you are the same, now is the time to focus on sustained success. Consistency is king.

I was really pleasantly surprised by how much our lives improved when we decided to "go green" with several areas of our household.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)


  1. October 16, 2021 at 11:25 pm

    I love this post. I was taught to try to fix things but it seems that today’s society is such a throw away society. I love how you fix things and make them better than the original – for example, your house. There are so many ways that we can “Go Green”, and yes sometimes it is an effort, but we just need to make it a part of who we are. Thank you for sharing.

    • October 18, 2021 at 9:40 am

      Thank you Amy and I totally agree!

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