7 Hacks To Liven Up Your Home When You Are On a Budget

Apr 13 2019
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I think its important not just for our homes to be beautiful sanctuaries but also spaces we can have fun with! For a lot of us we’re going to be in our homes for a VERY long time. Sometimes our spaces are lovely and “finished” but, regardless, we need CHANGE. It is more than possible to get bored and tired with even a beautiful space. My favorite thing I’ve done in my house is repurpose furniture in places it was never made for. Such as: my dresser in my entryway!

It serves as a divider between my office and my dining room. In one drawer it holds board games and cards, in another drawer it holds all my gloves, hats and scarves. And, in yet another drawer, it holds my miscellaneous outdoor things. It works perfect!

And nothing can liven up a room faster when your on a budget then paint and some fun pops of color in accessories or fabrics!

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Your home is a source of comfort. You want to have a fun and lively looking place which will make you feel re-energized any day, whenever you walk into any room. If you have an idea of what you want your re-designed house to look like, you can start by making use of home design software. This software helps you visualize the final look of your house. Below are some simple hacks to change your home from dull to super bright.

  1. Reorganize your place to create more space and a different feel

There is usually a happy feeling whenever you reorganize staff in your house. One way is to de-clutter your home. Remove unnecessary staff from your tabletops, shelves, and nightstand. Just one or two bright accessories will do. Less is more. Try changing the arrangement once in a while to discover what looks better and creates more space. Have a tray where you can place things such as the remote and books read at the coffee table, which take up space.

  1. Separate rooms by use of dividers

Dividers are a classy way to separate spaces while simultaneously adding pomp and color to your home.

  1. Play around with your lighting

Some oversized lighting with unique shapes add color to your room. The light should be bright enough to illuminate every part of the room. To change your light’s brightness as per the time of day or mood, you can make use of a dimmer.

  1. Hang curtains high and let them fall to the floor

Instead of hanging curtains at their usual length, make them hang higher. The curtains should be long enough such that they touch the floor. Long curtains make even the lowest ceilings look like they are higher up which gives the illusion of more space.

  1. Pamper your ceiling

Speaking of ceilings, remember to paint your ceiling. While white is always a safe color, experiment with other colors such as sky blue, green, and pink to give your rooms a brighter and more intimate feeling.

  1. Repair and re-paint all your worn out and dull furniture, and wooden and metallic surfaces

If you do not know how to paint, you better learn how to! Painting is the easiest way to breathe life into your house.  Paint all the wooden and metallic surfaces and repair or replace broken or worn out parts.

  1. Decorate the floor with a layer of rugs

Changing how your floor looks immediately improves the appearance of a room. Get some rugs; two different ones for example, and arrange them on the floor. A duller but beautiful one can make for the bottom with a smaller more playful rug placed at the top. The rugs can come in different shapes to make the floor look even more appealing.

Another tip to help you beautify your house while on a budget would be buying decorating materials from cheaper stores. For best deals, you can make a habit of buying things when they are out of season because they are cheaper then.

You want to have a fun and lively looking place which will make you feel re-energized any day, whenever you walk into any room on a budget
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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