Selecting A Living Room Set That Lasts

Jul 27 2021
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I couldn’t believe it a couple of years ago when, not only could I afford a new living room set, I could finally for the first time ever, pick a new one out just for myself! I chose Amazon because of the affordability factor and also the drop off factor. I certainly did not have the ability to haul a whole living room sofa in my Honda! It was a great day for me as an “adult” and single gal.

A farmhouse living room remodel renovation reveal. Farm house living with a boho and practical twist, finally completing the main floors of my home(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

No one wants to waste money.

When it comes to your home, investing in quality furniture upfront can save you money over time. Where cheap furnishings begin to break down and acquire that worn, shabby look we are all familiar with, furniture made from quality materials holds up better under even the antics of kids and their favorite pets.

Of course, making sure your furnishings match your needs is another great way to extend their life.

Several important factors go into identifying which furniture best suits your home and will result in the best value.

First, keep in mind that shopping online gives you access to thousands of options from the convenience of your home and consider sets rather than individual pieces. Living room sets help hold a room together and have the flexibility to be arranged however they fit best in your space.

Next, look for durability and features that match your and your family’s needs. A sturdy frame and double stitching are a good idea for sofas that see regular or hard use. Materials like leather and tightly woven cotton also tend to resist tears and staining.

That said, if your living room is more of hosting space and only occasionally used, you might consider a lighter fabric, like linen.

As far as features, remember to match form to function. If you have the bad habit of kicking your feet up on the armrests, consider investing in a reclining couch or sectional with an ottoman that will enable you to indulge your feet-up relaxation while using your furniture as intended.

Of course, if you find your furniture unappealing, odds are you will avoid using it. Style and appearance matter if you are to find a living room set that complements both your lifestyle and sense of style.

Though there are furniture sets available for every budget, keep in mind that affordable payment plans allow you to invest now in furniture that will last. Moreover, a reliable furniture source will offer reasonably priced options with consistent quality. See some examples of affordable living room sets on 1StopBedrooms.

One often overlooked aspect of living room furniture is to consider how it will interact with your other furnishings. For example, a sectional with low legs may be difficult to clean under, unless it is placed on hardwood flooring.

A rocking or reclining chair, however, has the potential to scratch up an uncovered floor. Before beginning your furniture hunt, plan out what you want from your furniture. Do you want a pop of color in an otherwise muted room? Do you need smaller pieces that you can move around to build more effective pillow castles?

Will you need plenty of space for a large coffee table for board game night? Planning for the functionality of your furniture will save you frustration and buyer’s remorse, even the hassle of a return later.

As with any significant purchase, do not rush yourself. Take into account your personal preferences, too!

You may have an arbitrary aversion to sectionals but feel a sectional will fit best in your space. Do not force a fit just because you think you should. There are enough options out there that you are sure to find a living room set that makes you happy and enhances your home!

I couldn't believe it a couple of years ago when, not only could I afford a new living room set, I could finally for the first time ever
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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