Make House Chores Easier With These 5 Useful Tips

Apr 25 2023
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Our every day chores Lodi and I tackle on a first come first serve basis: feed the animals, fill the bird feeders, wash the laundry / dishes and put away etc. But the weekly chores definitely get divvied up on what bothers us personally the most. Lodi vacuums and mops the whole house like once a week because he just can’t STAND dirty floors. I can’t handle clutter so I’m the one that’s getting everything in its place, put away and wiped down / dusted. The combination of the two means we have a minimalist house that gives us both peace. Chores are a lot easier when there aren’t a lot of them – keep on it every day and the task is easy, quick and small.

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Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by house chores? From laundry, cleaning, and tidying up to doing laundry again – keeping up with it all can become tedious, especially if there doesn’t seem like there’s enough time to complete them all. But with these five helpful tips for maintaining your house more easily and quickly! With some clever organization and smart use of household items you may discover that keeping it clean doesn’t need to be such an ordeal!

1) Consider hiring professional cleaners

Hiring professional cleaners can make life much simpler when it comes to house chores. Experienced, trained, and expert cleaners like Highland Park Housekeeping possess all of the resources needed to get any task completed quickly and correctly – not only knowing which products work best for various forms of cleaning but also having all necessary materials and equipment on hand so no running around to stores looking for supplies like sponges!

Hiring professional cleaners can save time as they take over tasks that you simply do not have the time for yourself. Plus, many green cleaning services exist so as to take better care of you and the environment – helping keep your home looking its best while freeing up more leisure time for leisure activities! With professional cleaners on board it becomes much simpler and stress-free to maintain its appearance!

2) Get Organized

Organization is key when it comes to house chores. Dedicating one day a week to tasks such as vacuuming, dusting and window washing will allow you to stay on top of home maintenance with minimal effort. Make sure that each week you set aside some time for tidying and organizing; this will keep your house looking presentable at all times and labeled containers are an easy way to store items that make finding what’s needed easier.

3) Utilize storage solutions

Utilizing storage solutions like shelves, cabinets and closets can be an efficient and time-saving way to do chores. By organizing items in an organized way and stacking them on shelves or cabinets to maximize available space while creating an uncluttered look. Storage bins with lids provide another convenient way of hiding things out of sight but still within easy reach – this makes cleaning up much simpler!

4) Use multitasking products

Utilizing multipurpose or multitasking products can save time when performing house chores. For instance, use a cleaner that can be applied across various surfaces throughout the house such as walls, floors and countertops, eliminating the need for separate cleaners for each area. Furniture polish also serves both functions effectively.

5) Replace Old Appliances

Maintaining old appliances can be time-consuming; often requiring more effort to keep clean and more energy than their contemporary counterparts. Consider upgrading your vacuum or dishwasher with more convenient, user-friendly models that make cleaning faster and more energy-efficient. Technology has come a long way since their debut; modern products boast features like auto start/self clean capabilities, increased suction power, auto restart/self clean capabilities to make housework much faster and efficient.

Following these five helpful tips will make keeping your home in its best condition less of a daunting task. With proper organization, clever use of household items, and updated appliances, maintaining it should become much simpler and simpler.

Our every day chores Lodi and I tackle on a first come first serve basis: feed the animals, fill the bird feeders, wash the laundry / dishes
(This is a contributed post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

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