How To Make The Best Of Winter

Sep 20 2019
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Currently we are in the middle of “second summer” which means we’ve seen 80 degrees for a few days in a row. Our forecast is highs in the 50s and rain though so we’re all pretty much certain that this is it for us Minnesotans. Absolutely everyone I know is scrambling to get some outside time in. I’ve been loathe to even go inside when I get home at night. I just head for my deck and soak the heat up while its here. I’ve golfed, sun bathed, rolled around in my yard (for real lol) and am scrambling to also finish my siding. Winter is definitely coming!

My 2019 Birthday Present to Myself: A Stay-cation vacation to Work on My Kitchen! Painting away the smoke stains and surviving this horrible awful winter!
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Are you noticing the colder nights drawing in yet? They’re on their way, so perhaps it’s time to be thinking about what you can do to get ready for winter this year as it’ll be here before you know it.

Now is the best time to prepare, the shops are full of winter clothes and shoes, new trends for the home, cozy blankets, and beautiful autumn colors. If you’re not a fan of the cold, then the best way to get through it is to have things to look forward to and to treat yourself to nice wintery treats so you can make the best of it. 

Your home is the perfect place to start and its important to prevent any winter misery by doing any maintenance you need to do on your house before it’s too late, so whether it’s window replacement, a hole in the roof or fixing the boiler, get it sorted now.

There’s nothing worse than these things breaking in the middle of winter and at a time when you might have to wait for ages or pay more for someone to fix them.  

Then you can look at more exciting things, but still essential items such as investing in some thick curtains as they add an extra layer of insulation, plus if you do this now, you’ll probably get them in the sale. 

While you’re looking for the new curtains, you may as well get some new cushions and throws as they are essential for keeping you warm. You’ll be able to get some great things in the sale now, ideal for making your home very cozy while keeping it really stylish and modern too.

Don’t forget about the little things; it’s the little touches, the real home comforts that really make the difference in winter.

Do you have enough mugs for those nice cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows you’ll need when you come in out of the cold? Treat yourself to a nice big one and get a few others in for your guests too.

Winter is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new bath goodies. Think salts, scrubs, and bubbles to give your long hot bath that extra something, rather than just being a means to keep you warm. Baths relax your muscles, and with some extra special products, you’ll keep your skin soft and smooth ready to take on the harsh winter months.

It’s also a good time to update your wardrobe and get winter-ready and while there is loads of choice out there for winter coats and hats and scarfs, one of the best things to treats yourself to in winter is new pajamas and perhaps some loungewear to keep you nice and warm on those evenings in by the fire.

Get yourself some new slippers, a nice dressing gown and anything else that’s going to make you feel excited about being at home and staying indoors to get you through the winter months.

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)
Now is the best time to prepare, the shops are full of winter clothes and shoes, new trends for the home, cozy blankets, and beautiful autumn colors.


  1. September 21, 2019 at 9:51 am

    I thought certain amongst your preparations for winter would be to ensure your passport is up to date and you can find your way south to warm climes and beaches, for at least a short break.

    • September 23, 2019 at 7:59 am

      That’s a very good point!

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