How To Cope With The Stress Of Moving Houses

Mar 10 2021
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The stress of moving is something most of us have experienced in our lives and, many times, swore we would never do again lol It is a great time to purge though as there really is nothing like packing up and moving all of your belongings to remind you what you ACTUALLY need and want in your life. There is no doubt though, moving is very stressful with or without a moving company to help. I joked with a friend of mine that we should all be forced to move everything in our homes once a year (whether we’re actually moving or not) just to forced us to stop being pack rats!

The stress of moving is something most of us have experienced in our lives and, many times, swore we would never do again lol(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Moving is an exciting time in your life but can also be quite overwhelming. There’s a lot to do and think about as you prepare to relocate and move into a new home and neighborhood.

You want to avoid letting your emotions get the best of you and having a bad experience as you prepare to uproot your life and family. Therefore, you must learn ways to cope with the stress of moving houses to ensure a smooth and positive experience for everyone involved.

Educate Yourself

One tip for coping with the stress of moving houses is to educate yourself on the process. Learn about what happens after you go under contract on a home to alleviate some of the worries that come from going back and forth with the sellers and realtor. Remind yourself that you’re not at the finish line yet and essentially anything could still unfold. Be patient and have faith that the situation will pan out as it’s supposed to. It may help to begin researching the new area where you’re moving to and see what perks the neighborhood has to offer so you can remain excited and take some of the worries off your mind about moving.

Practice Acceptance

You can cope with the stress of moving houses by practicing acceptance of your feelings and stress. Accept that stress is a normal and natural part of the moving process. Avoid trying to fight your emotions and instead, notice them and then let them pass. Be kind to yourself and don’t force yourself to feel better fast if you’re going through a mix of emotions and aren’t quite sure how to manage them. A little stress may even be good for you. Remind yourself of past experiences that made you feel the same way and think about how you worked through them and how it all turned out to keep you positive and hopeful.

Get & Stay Organized

Being and staying organized is essential if you’re going to be able to cope properly with the stress of moving. Get organized as soon as possible and work ahead so that you don’t feel so much pressure during the process. Start by going through your belongings in your current home and get rid of or donate when you don’t want to move with you. Gather all the moving supplies you need to be successful and label your boxes according to the items and location they’ll go in your new house. Make lists, timelines, and checklists you can follow to avoid having to remember all the details in your head. The key is to give yourself enough time to pack up and move.

Maintain A Positive Mindset

It’s also going to help you cope with moving houses if you maintain a positive mindset. Being pessimistic or negative about the situation or what may or may not occur will only make you feel worse. Adopt the right mental attitude and you’ll be on your way to staying focused on the upsides of moving and all the memories you’re about to make in your new home. You’ll be able to concentrate on what you’re doing better and will feel more energized when you remain positive and upbeat about moving.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s vital that you take good care of yourself while you’re moving houses. There will be stressful moments and times you feel frustrated. Therefore, the better you care for yourself and your needs the more equipped you’ll be to handle the ups and downs that come with moving. Get plenty of and enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise as ways to help you feel your best and reduce your stress. Allow yourself some downtime and moments to recharge so you can focus on what you’re doing when it’s time to work hard. Rely on your support system and ask for help or open up about how you’re feeling to help you cope with the stress of moving.

Hire Reliable Movers

If you’re moving a lot of heavy furniture and boxes then you’re likely not going to want to do it all alone. You can cope with the stress of moving houses by hiring reliable movers to assist you. Do your homework by reading reviews online and ask for recommendations from family and friends to help you decide who to hire. You’ll likely thank yourself that you did when moving day comes around and you’re too tired to do the heavy lifting. Knowing you have professional movers will take a lot of the stress you’re feeling off your shoulders.

Embrace Change & Having A New Routine

Cope with the stress of moving houses by embracing change. Think about the new routine you’ll have and how much happier you’ll be in your new home once you’re there. Be prepared to go out and meet your neighbors and check out the benefits of the area you’ll be living in. View change as a positive in this case and let go of the past so you can move on and enjoy your new home. Concentrate on what aspects of your life will be better once you move such as having a shorter commute or having more square footage and living space. Figure out what you can still do that you love but with a new approach or routine.

Look Forward to the Future

You will be able to better cope with the stress of moving houses when you look forward to the future with open arms. Instead of thinking of the situation as an ending, see it as a new and exciting beginning. A new start may be what you need to feel great and full of energy and live your best life. Think about how proud of yourself and your family you are that you’re able to buy a new home and start fresh. Look forward to all the wonderful times that are yet to come and get excited about making your new home your own. It may help to go over to your new property and walk through it again and begin a few projects to prepare it such as painting and cleaning the carpets. 

The stress of moving is something most of us have experienced in our lives and, many times, swore we would never do again lol(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)


  1. March 10, 2021 at 11:12 am

    Great post. I moved 10 years ago and now moving across town now. Letting go of things is my big problem.

    • March 10, 2021 at 11:15 am

      Letting go can be VERY hard! Good luck with your move Lisa!

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