Moving Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Jun 22 2021
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I was really fortunate to end up where I’m at at such a young age as I’ve only moved twice. I know many people in their 30s who have moved countless times and wow is moving a stressful, labor intensive, experience. The big move was when my Mom downsized and I was so fortunate to have built my garage at that point so I had a place for all of my own stuff as I was right in the middle of the renovation here at the time and staying with her until I could move in here. Though it was only down the road she made the decision to rent a U-Haul anyway and it was absolutely the best tip I could give anyone. Its worth it to be able to do two or three trips with one big truck instead of countless others in other vehicles.

I know many people in their 30s who have moved countless times and wow is moving a stressful, labor intensive, experience.(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful events any person can go through in their life – yes it really is up there with divorce and bereavement although it is obviously not as serious as either.

Since it can be such a stressful experience, I have put together a list of some of the best moving tips and tricks accumulated over the years.


Before you even think about packing for your move, seat aside a day or two in which you can go through your home and get rid of stuff you no longer want, need, or use. If you don’t love something, get rid of it either by donating, selling, or trashing it. By doing this, you can instantly lighten your load, cut down on your packing time, and potentially even lower your moving costs, it really is that simple.

Find free boxes

Why pay for moving boxes when you can get them for free? Put an ad on Craigslist, Freecycle or your local Facebook group and chances are you will be inundated with offers of cardboard boxes. Some grocery stores will even give them away because, once they’re unloaded., they really have no use for them, so it’s always worth asking around.

Start packing well in advance

Okay, so you may not be able to pack everything up months in advance, but as soon as you know you are going to move, there are lots of things you can start packing, such as the spare sheets and stuff in the linen closet or the various kitchen gadgets that you want to keep, but which are hardly in daily use. Pack as much as you can as soon as you can and your move will be way less stressful as a result.

Pack by room

Again, this should be obvious, but so many people don’t pack their boxes by room. You should do this if you want to have an easy time packing and unpacking. You should also, ideally, pack like with like, so put all of the cushions in one box, all of the knives and cutlery in another, all of the bedding in another, and so on. Oh, and remember to label them too!

Take pictures

When you’re packing up electronics, before you dismantle them into their various parts, take pictures so that you know exactly where each component goes, that way it will be far less stressful putting them back together again at the other side.

Pack a small overnight bag

It sounds pretty obvious, but so many people don’t do this. They pack every single thing they own up for the moving company to take away, and that means a major headache for them. Why? Because it means that, as soon as they get to their new home they need to start unpacking everything to find the few things that they might need that evening like their toothbrush, PJs, and cooking utensils. By packing enough items to get through the night, you can have a more relaxing entry into your new home and unpack at a pace that really suits you.

Clothing makes for great protection

Should you happen to run out of bubble wrap, or even if you don’t, rolling up various items of clothing and using that to protect your more delicate items is a great hack that works really well and can potentially save you money and packing space. You might not want to do it with your best suit, but those casual t-shirts and pants really will make for great packing accessories. 

Take the dog to daycare

If you have a dog (or a cat for that matter) you do not want them to be around when the movers come in. Not only might they get unsettled, but they might get in the way, and they could even escape, as the movers do their thing. See if you have any friends or family members who can take them in for the day, and if not, put them into doggy daycare instead. It will be so much easier, and less stressful, for you all if you do.

Be nice to the movers

Make them a cup of coffee and a pastry, ask them about themselves, and always be polite. Why? Because not only is it the nice thing to do, but if they like you. Chances are they’ll work harder to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible for you!

Moving is never going to be a totally stress-free experience, but if you take these tips and tricks on board, it should be a whole lot less stressful than you imagine.

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)I know many people in their 30s who have moved countless times and wow is moving a stressful, labor intensive, experience.

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