New Windows – 5 Reasons to Buy and Install Them

Oct 03 2019
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When I started work here at Grandma’s House it was an absolute certainty in my head that every single window had to be replaced here. Some of them were only about 50 years old (young for my house lol) but the windows up stairs were original so they were 100 years old! New windows are paramount if you want an energy efficient home – whether you’re trying to keep the heat out or the heat in, they’re the first line of defense besides insulation and are VERY important!

How to hang and make no-sew easy curtains for my guest bedroom and library. Covering up my big stained glass window between the guest room and my living room so guests get some serious privacy but my living room still gets some light!(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Can you imagine a home without windows? It’s practically impossible because they are such an essential part of a room. Without them, you end up with a room with poor ventilation and lighting, and you can’t even see the outdoors.

However windows undergo wear and tear, and need replacement someday. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes or realizes they need replacement till it’s too late. Read on to find out the different reasons indicating it’s time to buy new windows.

1.    High utility bills

Did you know that it is not always your AC or heater that increases utility bills? Sometimes your current windows may increase your utilities because they are drafty and let in sunlight.

With the sunlight comes the heat and strong UV rays which increase your summer cooling and winter heating bills. Replacing windows with energy-efficient versions made of insulating glass can help reduce your bills by 10-15%.

2.    Renovation time

It’s not enough to just change the furniture, lights, fans and pain or wallpaper while renovating. Windows also need an upgrade because they make a huge difference in the entire room’s, and house’s outlook. So your home renovation is another reason to invest in new windows.

3.    Changes in weather

You may also need to replace your windows if there is a sudden change in weather where your existing windows may not be able to withstand the weather. Don’t upgrade windows at the last minute.

It’s better to do it when you first hear about perhaps a wind storm prediction, and you are alerted to take the necessary measures to get ready for the harsh weather.

4.    Irritating outside noise

You need not lead a miserable life, and suffer from disturbed sleep just because of the noise the nearby bar, club or school creates.  You can get some respite just by changing your windows, and installing something soundproof. These soundproof versions not only block out the sound but are so thick, that they are difficult to break and thus help secure your home.

5.    Broken windows

Last, but not least, the most common and logical reason to get new windows is if the old ones are broken. Broken windows are useless at protecting your home, don’t give clear or scenic views and are also dangerous especially if you have kids at home. It’s better to avoid all this by getting them replaced as soon as possible.

Without them, you end up with a room with poor ventilation and lighting, and you can’t even see the outdoors. Buying and installing new windows is important
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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