An old cabinet: Paint and new hardware for a face lift!

Aug 06 2023
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I just can’t get over how amazing it is for me revisiting these old posts. I guess this blog really is a diary of sorts but I totally forgot how long I lived with a REALLY crappy laundry room lol. It had no storage and it was just plain UGLY. Even after this “update” it went through many over hauls and took me a lot of time and work to get it into something that actually worked for us. It all started with this cabinet that my Grandparents’ made and, of course, its still there and going strong.

Actually the only thing that remains the same in this room since the post came out back in 2015 is actually this cabinet! We even have a new washer dryer combo unit. (See the whole “new” laundry room here.)

Finally we have come to my reveal of my new laundry room! Yep, I am not longer calling it a closet - I believe this space deserves to be labeled a room.

Its pretty amazing to read back and realize how much has changed here at Grandma’s house! Here is the original post:

Ok, so this isn’t much of a before and after and its certainly not a tutorial. However, I’m going to share this with you anyway because I’m SO excited to finally get storage up in my laundry room/closet and, finally, paint on this old cabinet! Here is the old cabinet my grandpa built before I started renovating the house. To see the full on before and after of my entry click here.

(8/1/2019 WOWSER its been four years since this post came out and I can’t believe how far I’ve come with this space! I was really happy with this laundry room once it was complete but I just did a major renovation here and my laundry room now makes me SO HAPPY – CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!)

How to paint an old cabinet @GrandmasHousDIYHow to paint an old cabinet @GrandmasHousDIY

I did all I could to salvage as much from the house as I could but there was not really a single cabinet that I took out of the house that didn’t suffer at least a little collateral damage. These have been waiting over a year to get installed above my own washer/dryer for storage.

Once I got them installed I was ecstatic, no more bins in the laundry closet, no more stuff covering every surface (well, almost) now I had real storage!

This old cabinet literally holds everything I need in my laundry room which is: Towel storage, cleaning supplies, randomness storage and all of my laundry detergent.

As you can see the old cabinet got beat up quite a bit. They were dirty with wood showing and one of the doors was still out in the garage when I installed them. What I SHOULD have done was take the doors off in my workshop, adjust everything (cause the whole cabinet got pretty wonky when I ripped it off the wall) and paint them inside and out.

However, I needed storage so BADLY and I was racing the weather (paint doesn’t do well when its below freezing) so I opted to get them installed and paint them later.

Well, I’m happy to report I took the doors off, sanded them down and got it all painted with new hardware added not to mention, I also got the missing door installed!

I can’t tell you how neat it is to know my grandpa made these and that I kept them as much as I could as he wanted them to be. Those hinges on those doors he chose and installed, it feels good to be bringing back into the house and fixing what he made so long ago.

How to paint an old cabinet @GrandmasHousDIYPaint and add new hardware to give cabinets a face lift in a laundry room for extra storage.


  1. August 8, 2023 at 3:17 am

    I love seeing the transformations. I also changed many times with style, color and other things. All this gives me energy. I will follow your blog with great pleasure ☻

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