5 Ways to Get Your Outdoor Spaces Ready For Summer

May 18 2021
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This was such a long spring it felt like Lodi and I were getting our outdoor spaces “ready” for summer for weeks! Finally though the weather turned and we were really able to enjoy our outdoor spaces this last weekend. Its time to get moving now for real. Time to plant the garden, ready the flower beds and chop wood for our fire pit. What a perfectly wonderful time of the year!

I've been seeing bar top deck railings all over the internet the past year and it occurred to me that its definitely something we would get use out of!
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Let’s face it: 2020 was pretty much a write-off for many people due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This year has offered some hope, thanks to the roll-out of COVID vaccines across much of the world. One thing you should definitely get excited about now is summer!

Soon, the northern hemisphere will bask in the warm embrace of the sun, enabling lots of people to get out of their houses and soak up some much-needed vitamin C from the sky. Plus, the summer months will give people a positivity kick, especially with family and friends.

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is improving, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your outdoor spaces for summer. You’re likely reading this because you want to have a fantastic summer.

Plus, you want to invite much of your extended family and all your friends over to spend some time at your place, enjoying barbecues and having pool parties. But, you’re unsure what you need to do to prepare your outdoor spaces for all that summer fun.

Without further ado, here are some practical steps you can take to prepare your home’s outdoor spaces for summer:

1. Get Your Pool Cleaned

If you have a swimming pool outside of your home, you will know the importance of keeping it clean and functioning correctly. The thing is, while you can do some maintenance tasks yourself, it makes sense to use a company that offers swimming pool services in your area.

That’s because they can check everything is working as it should, and they can get your pool cleaned at lightning speed and with the right chemicals. If you’re going to have pool parties, a clean and functioning swimming pool, and pool area is essential.

2. Keep Your Lawn in Check

Another thing you need to do is make sure that you keep on top of your gardening duties. The last thing you want to happen is for your guests to visit your home and discover that they have to fight their way through waist-high weeds and insects that are very bitey!

How you maintain your lawn will depend on its size. For example, a small yard can get maintained with a simple lawnmower. But, if you’ve got a large garden, you might need to invest in a ride-on lawnmower (or hire someone that has one who can cut your grass).

3. Clean All Outdoor Garden Furniture

A harsh winter will have undoubtedly left your outdoor garden furniture looking worst for wear. You can’t expect people to sit on garden chairs that look green and slimy and have gotten covered in dirt and other questionable layers!

It’s time to get your pressure washer out and thoroughly clean all your garden seating and tables. That way, your family and friends will have clean and comfortable places to sit, relax, and dine while enjoying the summer months with you.

4. Carry Out Your Exterior DIY Jobs

Have you got unfinished outdoor sheds or storage areas? Perhaps you started painting the exterior walls of your house but ran out of time or inclination last year? You should make it a priority to carry out and finish your exterior DIY jobs in any event.

It’s worth drawing up a to-do list to work through each project in order and tick off each job you complete. Creating such a list will also give you the inspiration and motivation you need to get everything done before the endless days of hot and dry weather approach!

5. Fix Any Paving That Could Injure People

The last thing you want to do is have any guests at your home injure themselves outdoors because they tripped over misaligned pavers, for example. Nor do you want any children or animals to hurt themselves on things like broken wood decking.

That’s why you should make it a priority to check that your outdoor flooring is safe for everyone of all ages to walk and run across. You might not realize it, but the effects of weathering can cause damage to previously solid surfaces.

Be sure to look around at your outdoor spaces and make a note of any areas of concern. You can then fix those items well in time before you start having family members and friends over for barbecues, pool parties, and evening dinners outdoors.

Final Thoughts

You’ve probably noticed there isn’t much you need to do to prepare your home’s outdoor spaces for summer. But, now is the best time to get all your outdoor chores done. Good luck!

This was such a long spring it felt like Lodi and I were getting our outdoor spaces "ready" for summer for weeks!
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)


  1. Marybeth
    May 19, 2021 at 9:38 am

    This is all good info. Thanks for the reminders!!

    • May 19, 2021 at 10:17 am

      Thanks for coming by Marybeth!

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