Brush Away That Overwhelming Feeling To Complete House Tasks

Feb 23 2023
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Overwhelming could almost be the dictionary word with the description on how to describe any kind of house renovation lol. Just getting regular house tasks and chores done with no additional work done on the house can feel almost impossible. I’ve found for me to keep from getting overwhelmed I end up making a lot of lists breaking down every project into small, manageable, pieces. It means I am often crossing things off the list and the entire project feels a lot more doable.

Our hanging barn door has always had a couple of issues. Firstly, when I framed in all the doors of this house back during the renovation,
(This is a contributed post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

The goal of doing DIY or any form of renovation is a very simple one: to create a more relaxing home environment that serves your purpose. But when you look around at the DIY work or the housework you have to do in general, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks ahead of you. Even one simple DIY project can be enough to make you easily frustrated with the entire process, but let’s show you what you can do to ensure, when it comes to the feelings of stress that come with DIY or renovation projects, as well as the jobs themselves, you can do it to the best of your ability without feeling this sense of overwhelm.

What Can You Outsource?

One of the best things that we can all do when it comes to reducing our overall stress levels is to get the professionals in. A company like MasterScapes Lawn Care and Landscaping can help if you’re not particularly green-fingered, or painters and decorators are worth their weight in gold when you feel like you’ve got too much to do in life or in general. But when it comes to finding the right contractors, it’s about making sure they do a job you would be pleased with.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to hiring professionals is going for the cheap and cheerful options, only to find that a few months later, the garden doesn’t look great or the paint is crumbling off the walls. When there’s just too much to do around the house, you can look at a contractor as your savior but you’ve got to make sure that you find ones that come highly recommended.

Prioritize the Tasks

You may not opt to outsource, in which case, if you plan on doing everything yourself because you want it to your standards, you must look at the task ahead and break it down into what is a priority now. To come to the answers, you’ve got to ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What tasks will make me feel happier in my home environment now?
  • What are the tasks that are stopping me from feeling comfortable in my home?
  • What are the tasks I’ve been putting off for numerous reasons, such as budget, stress, etc?

Put your priorities in place, and make sure that they are being ticked off one by one. Priorities such as renovating the kitchen may seem like an overwhelming task. In this case, you should do the inverse and look at the low-hanging fruit. When you look at the tasks you can efficiently complete, this is going to give you a greater sense of achievement.

Looking at Upgrading the Aesthetics

We can feel overwhelmed by the volume of things to do around the house because the tasks appear insurmountable. But when you start to think about how to get those easy wins, you can achieve a lot by upgrading the aesthetics. You may think that you need to completely overhaul your child’s bedroom, but you can easily make significant progress by changing the colors of the walls, or removing or adding tiles, carpets, and so forth.

It’s also worth noting that decluttering is a great way for you to have more of a blank canvas, and companies like Done & Done Home are one of many that can help. One of the biggest mistakes we all make is thinking that we just need to make do with everything we have, when in fact, we could benefit from throwing things out every six months. When you start to look at the things that are essential versus the things that are “nice to have,” sometimes it can pay to be ruthless.

Set a Reasonable Schedule

This is all dependent on the tasks you need to complete. When you’re wondering how long it takes to renovate a kitchen, it all depends on a number of different factors such as:

  • Contractor availability.
  • If the contractor can source the raw materials quickly.
  • If you can get out of the contractor’s way.
  • Planning permission.
  • And many more.

This is why, when it comes to any type of renovation project, it’s a good idea to set a schedule and do what you can to stick to it, but recognize that there are things beyond your control. That being said, once you get into the swing of purchasing the essential items to renovate a room, you may want to keep that momentum going because if you start to slow down due to external issues, this can prove to be a difficult thing to build back up.

Set yourself a schedule, for example, doing it on weekends if you are renovating the place yourself. But you also need to have that shopping list handy so you can work smarter rather than harder. Setting aside a day or two, even to go shopping for all of the things you need means you don’t need to break up the momentum by having to go back to the store!

Keeping the Vision in Your Mind

Everybody feels that sense of overwhelm when it comes to DIY tasks, renovation projects, or even housework. The problem we all have when it comes to tackling tasks is that the tasks feel like they are in our way, stopping us from doing so much. But instead, we need to look beyond the task and visualize that end product, whether it is an empty laundry basket or how you have envisioned your house all this time.

You can also benefit from stress-reduction techniques if you’re feeling overwhelmed in the moment. A very simple thing to remember is that your heart rate will slow down when you breathe out, so doing breathing exercises that can help you relax makes a big difference here.

It can always feel like there is just too much to do around the house whether you are fixing it up to move into now or tackling something years down the line but rest assured, there is always a way around the issue.

Just getting regular house tasks and chores done with no additional work done on the house can feel almost impossible.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

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