Piecing Together the Perfect Kitchen

Jul 17 2018
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I am lucky in so many ways here in my grandma’s old house. I achieved something in my life that many folks don’t get until their retirement. I was already in my dream home when I was only thirty years old. It meant when I made all of the choices here none of them needed to be based on resale value or other’s opinions. Instead, every choice here, I was able to make in respect of the home and according to my own dreams. Piecing together my perfect kitchen was definitely one of my very favorite parts! The following is an article contributed to Grandma’s House DIY that I felt was really informative.

When questioned, 28.1% of Americans said that they valued the kitchen over any other room in the house, making it the most popular along with the living room and ahead of the master bedroom.

Key things you need to consider when chasing your dream kitchen, Piecing Together the Perfect Kitchen, choosing appliances, materials and colors, how to

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The kitchen is a room of high energy and activity, where families connect and guests are welcomed into. It should be a showpiece that reveals your style. However, kitchens are complicated.

They have to be thoroughly thought out before any renovation can begin.

So here are the key things you need to consider when chasing your dream kitchen:

Budgeting and Finance

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of design, you need to learn how much things cost. Raising the required funds is an important step. When it comes to specifics, a store bought kitchen top vinyl, for instance, will be a lot cheaper than custom made, antimicrobial, granite.

A top of the range electric cooker or retro-style Aga will cost much more than a simple gas stove. Your job is to work out where on the spectrum your tastes lie and adjust them to fit your budget.

However, don’t be afraid to splash out. A high quality kitchen will bring more joy, last longer and add value to your home.

Kitchen reveal at the Grandma's House DIY home tour! 15 months of renovation, remodeling a custom country kitchen with a cast iron sink after a full gut.

While you may have no plans to sell or move, it always helps to have a home which is “sale-ready” should the time come and a beautiful kitchen plays a key role in this.

Layout and Aesthetics

Layout is perhaps more important in the kitchen than anywhere else. Once countertops and large appliances are fitted, they can be impossible to move.

You need to ensure that there is enough space for several people to work around each other. You also need to create an efficient layout, so that you don’t waste time moving between fridge, pantry, cooker and sink. You’ll have to fit this layout around the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

Are you going for sleek, minimal and modern or cozy, traditional and quaint? Don’t just make it up as you go, select a theme and stick to it so that everything flows.

Spending time looking at different designs and styles can help inspire your final decision, and you can even blend together different designs and themes to create an entirely unique look.

Key things you need to consider when chasing your dream kitchen, Piecing Together the Perfect Kitchen, choosing appliances, materials and colors, how to

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Selecting Materials

Kitchen materials are extremely important. This is an area that’s going to get stained by coffee and sauces, bashed by knives and rolling pins and burnt by hot trays.

Choose something rugged, yet attractive like granite or quartz. These materials last forever, so be absolutely certain you like the look. Then you’ll never have to worry about spending the money again.

There are so many factors involved when designing a dream kitchen.

One is cost, followed by layout, aesthetics and materials. Get these right and you’ll have a perfect meeting hub for family and friends. It will last a lifetime and add value to your home, bringing joy to new residents if you choose to move out.

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Key things you need to consider when chasing your dream kitchen, Piecing Together the Perfect Kitchen, choosing appliances, materials and colors, how to

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