Fun Ways To Add Personality To Your Home

Dec 07 2021
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A beautiful well designed home is one thing but I really believe it can still be gorgeous but also reflect our personality and characters. Favorite books, paintings, pictures of our families can be a wonderful way to add design and character. I love the idea of “shopping” around our own homes for new and fun things to use as décor pieces! Frankly, I think all the things that we love and keepsakes we’ve held on to through the years should be out so we can enjoy them every day.

Hanging my grandma's old hand made quilt on my living room wall to showcase it, retire it and add some lovely color and history to my new living room!
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

The house in which you live is your haven, your castle, your palace. It’s the place where you feel everything, the place you feel safe and the place you sleep, eat and do all that you can to be alive. Your home is the place you should feel the most, and incorporating your personality into your decor is going to help you to do that. You should be able to walk into your home and feel like you belong there and that means you have to stamp yourself through it. 

The colours you choose should match your favourite things and your furniture should be reflective of where you’ve been. Even things like A4 picture frames should be in the colour and materials that speak to you the most. You should think about where you have been in life and how you would decorate each room, and you should think about how you can make it fun. Your house should feel like yours and we’ve got some of the best ways that you can add your personality into your home in an instant! Let’s dive in and take a look!

  1. Add as much colour as you can. If you’re a fan of a particular colour or colour concept, then the best thing that you can do in your home to add some personality is to add colour. Your favourite colour is a reflection of your personality and there are so many inexpensive ways that you can add some cheer and colour to your home. From the throws and blankets to the cushions on the bed, you can inject pops of colour everywhere and it doesn’t have to take much. You can even add colour to the walls or paint work in the house and you’ll be able to make your personality shine right through. As well as the colours you can add to the house, think about the textures! Curtains, rugs, runners, tablecloths; they all add layers and texture to your house, and it’s all going to help you to create something amazing. 
  2. Consider your light fixtures. Did you know that a lot of the personality that you add to your home is going to come from the way that it looks? Your light fixtures are a big part of that, and you can make some pretty bold statements with your lighting choices. Chandeliers, for example, exude elegance and make your home stand out as something classy and beautiful all at once. You can add floor lights and table lamps to go with each room, too, and this will help you to add more style and personality. Your kitchen can look more modern when you add strip lighting and lighting under the counter, for example, and it can be something as simple as lighting that makes each room stand out. 
  3. Have you thought about the walls? Most people like to paint the walls of their home, but wallpaper could be the breakthrough you need to add some personality to your home. The walls are the perfect canvas and you should consider it to be a blank one that you can add to as you wish. Wallpaper allows you to inject patterns and colours to the spaces and this can also help you to add something vibrant and punchy along the way. Some rooms require a brighter hue than others, but it’s all going to come together to make your house more homey.
  4. Be unique in your furniture choices. Sometimes, it’s the unique furniture choices that you make that will ensure that each room stands out. The console stand in the hallways for example could be the perfect option if you’re looking for something antique and you can pick up an entire vintage bed when you are shopping in the right places! If you want to shop around, hit the thrift shops and the junk yards for awesome pieces that you are more likely to find there!


  1. Add a little more nature to your home. One of the best ways to add life to your house is with plants and flowers. They bring life, vibrancy and colours to the house and you can have flowers that are colour coordinated to each room if you want. Your home can be much prettier when you have flowers and plants through it, and indoor plants can really add some vitality to your house. Plus, they add to the quality of the air, too! 
  2. Plaster your memories everywhere! If you have pictures and artwork to share, use A4 picture frames to make them stand out. Don’t lock away all of the pictures and paintings that you’ve collected in your travels around the world – your memories should be shared far and wide as much as possible. Turn your cabinets and walls into spaces where your art can stand out and show off all postcards, too. You can guarantee that one of the prettiest ways that you can decorate your home is with things that will bring you joy. 
  3. Time’s ticking. So many people forget the valueof a good clock these days, but they can be an exceptional way to decorate your home. If you are a collector, you should think about displaying all of your collected treasures around your home. Vintage clocks are one of the nicest things that you can have hanging in your home and you can put them anywhere. You can have clocks as large or as small as you’d like, too, and they become conversation starters!
  4. Get the windows smartened up. Whether you have shutters outside or not doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is that you can dress your windows to look smart. You can add blinds and curtains and you can add shutters that will complement the room, too. Dressing your windows adds flair to your space, and you can make each window look completely unique, too. Drapes and blindss – click here to see a range of new blind designs – can add some personality to your rooms, and you can move room to room and make each window stand out with the rest of the room decor. 
  5. Add a gallery wall. Your memories deserve a space to stand out, but it’s the gallery wall that will allow you to display your nearest and dearest memories. You Can infuse some personality into your home with printed photos and each of them will tell a story all about you choosing your favourites and displaying them across the house. The bedrooms could have cute photos of you and your partner, with the hallway being the place you add photos of all of the places you’ve visited in life. You can even include certain scenery depending on the theme. For example, bathrooms often are popular for seascapes – what a way to decorate!
  6. Add artwork. Large canvases of artwork created by the famous are going to be one of the best things that you can add to your home. Your personality is going to shine through depending on the artwork that you choose for your house. Do you have a thing for abstract art or do you prefer something more modern? It’ll show in the artwork that you pick for your home. 

The house that you choose to make a home should have everything in it that makes you feel secure, safe and comfortable. The more that you decorate your home, the more you can allow your personality to shine right through the house. Think colours, think furniture and think about how you can make your home stand out and reflect you!

A beautiful well designed home is one thing but I really believe it can still be gorgeous but also reflect our personality and characters.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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