Key Points to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom

Feb 20 2020
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Bathrooms can be a much bigger undertaking than meets the eye. How can such a small space be such a nightmare sometimes when renovating? It happens, my own bathroom on the main floor has always been a thorn in my side. It started with a leak at the faucet so I had to rip the wall open to fix it. From there I’ve simply been ignoring it though it needs some real renovating – a total repaint, some attention to the floors and some kind of innovative storage solutions. It is definitely the room that I’ve procrastinated on the longest lol but any renovating done to bathrooms is totally worth it in the end!

The final reveal of our master bathroom with double slipper bathtub, buffet vanity and dark hardwood floors
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In any property you wish to renovate, there will be issues you won’t have considered when first setting out on the journey.

Renovating a property, particularly a period property, can be an exciting venture and it is easy in the first instance to get carried away with your plans. How will it look? What can you do with the space? What modern technology can you seamlessly integrate into your older residence?

An article by CNBC explains how some of the common pitfalls are around budgeting and taking on too much of the work yourself, but they are applicable across the whole renovation.

In some areas of the project, special care needs to be given to the work undertaken.

One such area is the bathroom, a unique room full of pitfalls and problems just waiting to be uncovered. We look at a couple of salient points you might want to consider when renovating your bathroom.


How Stuff Works details that indoor condensation can lead to mold and your bathroom is one of the main areas in which condensation builds up. Running a hot shower on a cold morning will create plenty of steam, which, if inadequately ventilated, will eventually cause mold.

In an older property ventilation may not have been installed, so it is worth considering what your needs are and how you might integrate it into a traditional bathroom.

Existing Fixtures and Fittings

If you’re renovating a period property, then it is likely you’ll want to keep original fixtures and fittings. One of the items people fail to consider is the radiator. A guide by HomeServe Living documents how removing a radiator can be a chore but essential for decorating and giving your bathroom a makeover.

If it is an original piece you want to retain, you will still need to take it off the wall to paint behind and maybe even restore it a little.

The same might go for doors and windows. In a period property, it is important to retain the character and appeal of the original features. Doors can be an important part of the aesthetic, but they also may need taking down to be updated and repaired.

Plumbing Routes

This is incredibly important. Make sure you track your pipes and consider the temperatures in the winter. If you live in a climate likely to experience freezing conditions, make sure pipes are not routed into external walls. It was a common practice once upon a time, but you might need to think about new pipework to prevent problems in the winter.

Shower or Bath?

If you’re limited on space, you might want to consider only having a shower or a bath, not both. In an older property, you’re likely to have just a bath, but would it be wise to get rid of that and have a shower?

If you’re looking to keep the general feel of your property consistent with the period, this might not be an option. There is a design choice to be made here in an older property: stick with the original look or remodel to make it more relevant for 21st century living?

That is a collection of additional tips to consider when renovating a bathroom, particularly in a period property, but if you want some general tips on home projects and how to make them a success, be sure to check out our article ‘Projects – How I Get Them Done – Top Tips’ for more useful advice.

Renovating a property, particularly a period property, can be an exciting venture and it is easy in the first instance to get carried away with your plans.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)


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