3 Simple Preparations To Make Before Renovating Your Home

Mar 28 2022
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Renovating a house is both terrifying, thrilling and, can be, SO MUCH WORK. I have found though there is almost no work more worth it or that I enjoy more. I always commented on what a shame I think it is when I hear folks fix up their homes and make them nice just to sell them! Shouldn’t we be making our homes nice for us? And just a little renovating can make a HUGE difference!

Making a work bench out of an old barn door. Aw is there anything more adult than finding true joy in the sight of a big empty closet?
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When you decide to renovate your home, you would be forgiven for feeling excited about the prospect. This is because renewing our home space and unlocking its best features, while requiring effort, time and financial investment, can be a great new way to apply your personality to it, and to enjoy many more happy years within the property.

That said, the renovation process is not usually an effort you can click your fingers and enjoy the end result in moments. One of the main things to do is prepare your household. After all, renovations can sometimes cause a home to be stripped to its basic elements, and may require an adjustment of your daily living needs.

Furthermore, ensuring absolute safety when it comes to the construction and redesign of your home is very important indeed. But once you have the planning permission and the services in place to invest in this process, what remains? In this post, we’ll discuss all of that and more, hopefully in the best possible sense:

Storage Necessities

Consider the storage necessities of renovating your home. When you need to tear down a space, or renew it from the ground up, you need the free room to take care of those tasks. This means that removing your furnishings and belongings from the space is essential. With the proper storage services at hand, you can keep your possessions in safe keeping as you manage your home as it needs to be managed.

This can also go for other possessions in other rooms of the house, such as if you need to double up in a bedroom, without having to store items in cramped areas.

Utility Alternatives

It’s important to consider what other arrangements you need to make for utility access during this renovation time. For instance, some homes decide to use a small generator for electricity given that part of the power will be taken offline during the renovation of a home.

Alternatively, you may find that sourcing a laundrette rather than your own home washing machine can be a temporary measure while your storage room is renovated. In some cases, it may be that taking temporary stays in nearby accommodation like hotels can help you avoid proximity to the more intensive work taking place. Planning that ahead of time is important.

Proper Security Measures

When we renovate our homes, we might find that certain areas of our household, like an open wall or room, become less secure than it might have otherwise been. This is why temporary security fencing can be so useful, as it can prevent those from entering your property despite there not being a wall there. Making sure you have motion-sensitive floodlights can also deter trespassers, as can sheets, temporary barriers, and boarding up windows in the meantime. This way, your home will remain as safe as it can be despite the encroaching nature of construction and your renovation plans.

With this advice, we believe you’ll be able to prepare for renovating your home in the best possible sense.

Shouldn't we be making our homes nice for us? And just a little renovating can make a HUGE difference! Shouldn't we be making our h
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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