The Best Ways to Prepare for a Move to a new Home or Apartment

Jul 03 2018
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The best ways to prepare to move. Have I ever told you guys about how I owned a house before I owned a car? I was 19 when I purchased a home in Oklahoma with a much older boyfriend. I’m just going to wrap that story up quick with: it was a terrible idea lol. During those 6 years I basically lived out of my car and my suitcase because I was constantly driving back and forth while I attempted to renovate a house in Oklahoma when I belonged in Minnesota.

What I learned: I’m never living in a renovation again and, once I found my home, I was also NEVER leaving it again!

Looking back on those years is totally surreal to me. Once I came home for good my mom downsized and I helped her go through over 4,000 square feet of things and get it down to fit into her new 1,400 square foot home.

During that time I also got rid of a TON of my own stuff from child hood. Living between the two states also meant I didn’t acquire much stuff besides.

In the years being home before I started renovating my Grandma’s house I acquired furniture and wonderful things I couldn’t wait to furnish my home with. It all ended up in my garage just waiting for me.

When I finally finished the renovation it was like Christmas times 100 when I finally got to unpack lol!

The following is an article contributed to Grandma’s House DIY that I felt was really informative.

Moving to a new house is hard work. It never gets easier no matter how many times you do it, and even using the very best house move hacks don’t help that much. In some ways, it’s even more stressful when you are buying a house, as opposed to renting. You then face an endless wait from your first offer to actually getting the keys to your new home. All the time worrying that surveys or searches will reveal a problem and your anticipated move will fall through.

The best way to reduce the stress of a house move is to prepare. Naturally, you can’t start moving things across until you’ve signed a contract and collect the keys to your new home. But, there is plenty that you can do before then to help you to prepare. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Write Lists

Prepare for a Move to a new Home or Apartment make lists, declutter, deep clean everything, throw away, donate, utilitize, change your address, utilities

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When it comes to a massive task like moving to a new house, lists are your friend. You can start writing lists as soon as you decide to move. Even before anything is official. Write a list of things that you need to do. Another of all of the places that you’ll need to tell about your change of address, and as soon as you’ve spent some time in your new house you can start to write a list of anything that you might need once you move. Furniture or accessories for example, in order of importance.


If you haven’t moved for a long time, you’ll probably find that you’ve built up a significant amount of clutter. Our stuff seems to multiply, and we don’t realize until it comes to packing up. Sorting through all this clutter and making piles to recycle, donate or throw away while we are packing things up, makes the whole process much harder. So, start your declutter now. If you’ve got a lot of waste, it’s worth arranging for a collection. Read more for information. Be sure to donate or recycle what you can instead of just throwing away. Or, try to make some extra cash by selling things online.

Start Changing Your Address

Once you’ve got a date for your move, even if it’s a few weeks away, you can start letting people know about your change of address. This can be one of the most annoying things about a move, but it’s essential to make sure you get everything that you need and to protect you from fraud and identity theft.

Sort Utilities

You can also start to arrange utilities for your new home, to start on your moving in day. If you plan to use the same providers as you do now, this is a straightforward process that can be done in advance.


Prepare for a Move to a new Home or Apartment make lists, declutter, deep clean everything, throw away, donate, utilitize, change your address, utilities

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Cleaning is a much more significant part of moving than most of us expect. It’s hard to do a thorough clean until the property is empty. But, you can start pulling things out to clean behind and deep cleaning areas such as the oven and bathroom.

Resource: How to Clean Your Entire House Fast [Under 2 Hours]

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Prepare for a Move to a new Home or Apartment make lists, declutter, deep clean everything, throw away, donate, utilitize, change your address, utilities

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