5 Questions to Ask Yourself before a Big Move

Jul 06 2019
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I’ve only really moved once in my life as an adult and I kinda felt like: “OK never again if I don’t have to!” Moving is a HUGE job. I know people who have moved a lot in their lives and I really respect them for it! When I moved back home for good ten years ago I could fit everything I wanted to bring back with me in my Corolla. I moved back in my mom and then helped her move to a new home which was a major down size from what she was living in. It was only about a mile away but we still rented a U-Haul and it was a lifesaver!

In the midst of her moving to a new place I was renovating this house (My Grandma’s house) and had made certain to have my garage done. So, when we moved her, we also moved my stuff into my garage to wait for me to finish the house. So glad that’s all over now and to be in my forever home!

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The weather is warming up, and that means moving time for many people.  Moving is never fun.  It is usually a stressful process.  But there are some things that you can do to help alleviate the headache, so you can look forward to your new adventure. 

Whether you’re moving to the city like Calgary or the country, moving can be stressful and uncertain. Here are some of the big questions you should ask yourself before you begin a big move.  And save some time and money in the process.

What’s the Job Market Like?

Before moving, find out what the job market is like out there. If you can transfer your position, is the pay scale the same?  Sometimes when the cost of living prices are lower, and you shift your job, you may have a pay decrease.  Take this into account when setting your purchasing budget.

Did you do Neighborhood Research?

Spend some time if possible, in the area you are looking to move.  Did you find out where the good neighborhoods are? 

If you have children or are planning to you will want to do research on the school district you will be in.  If it’s close enough, visit several times and acclimate yourself to the community. 

It would be great if you know some people that can help advise you on where to purchase your new home.

Can I afford it?

This is a biggie.  Hiring a moving company is scary.  These are the people you are trusting with all your worldly possessions.  Hiring the right team that you feel comfortable with is crucial. 

Make sure you get estimates from several companies and question how much your final costs could go over there assessment. 

Many moving company’s estimates can increase between 5-8%.  By law, they are not allowed to exceed 10%.  But even a 5% increase can be severe if you’re not expecting that cost.

Are Packing Materials Included?

Does the estimate include the packing materials?  If not, this price can significantly increase your bill.  Imagine on moving day packing up big items like televisions and tables.

 The packing can quickly add up and double your bill.   Make sure all this is negotiated before signing the contract.  You can use this in your negotiations with several companies.

What is Insurance Coverage?

This is an area of the contract you can absolutely not slack on.  Accidents happen.  In any move, you should be prepared for some minor instances and accidents.  Moving companies provide insurance to cover you from damage to your belongings.  

However, many policies exclude items that they weren’t entirely responsible for.  For instance, if you decided to package your plates and cups up and the box was broken.  They may not be liable for these because they didn’t wrap them; this can add extra costs to your move that you definitely didn’t plan for.


Embarking on a big move is a big adventure.  It doesn’t have to be scary.  By planning, budgeting, and asking the right questions, you can remove the fear and enjoy the journey.

Here are some of the big questions you should ask yourself before you begin a big move.  And save some time and money in the process.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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