Simple Hacks to Reinvigorate your Home

Jan 02 2020
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A few hacks to help reinvigorate your home! I so appreciate how this article points out how important our spaces are to our mental health. Have you ever come home or woken up, looked around and just kind of hated everything? That’s the moment I know its time to purge, declutter and put things away! Especially during the holidays I think we all let our houses “go” a little just for lack of time! I had on of those moments last week, after Christmas, I got home from work and just went, “This has gone on for long enough!” And I tackled my entry, my living room and my kitchen. A couple of hours later and I felt like a load had been taken off of my shoulders!

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Most of us want to live somewhere which makes us feel at home. Somewhere we are comfortable, that generates a sense of calm. Over time our homes can grow cluttered with things that do not add to this sense if we do not keep on top of it.

Decor and furnishings become tired, and you can grow lethargic just being there. There are many simple ways to reinvigorate your home without breaking the bank. You do not have to reinvent the wheel for a new look.

You just have to spruce up what’s already there!

Declutter those rooms

Getting rid of old, unwanted, and unused items can be good for the soul and is one of the top hacks on our list. That’s because having a home jam-packed with useless goods can have a negative effect on the mind. If the space around you is cramped and full of old rubbish, so is the mind.

An overabundance of objects can create an oppressive atmosphere and weigh down on you. When you go home, you are not going somewhere bright and breezy, to reduce stress, you are going to get bogged down, and descend deeper.

Decluttering not only makes the home appear bigger and brighter, it also can increase your self-confidence and make you feel more in control. So, go around your home today and place all those useless items in a box, perhaps have a garage sale, or post them online, or simply give them away.

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Reupholster old furniture

So, the sofa has seen better days and no longer has that ‘ahhhh’ feeling when you collapse upon it after a long day. Well, why not try reupholstering? Fed up of the color?

Get yourself a staple gun and some material and transform it into something new. You can also get it stuffed again, for much less than a new sofa would cost. What about those old wardrobes and chests of drawers you no longer love? Well, it is amazing what a little sanding down and a lick of paint can achieve. You will have that new feel you’ve been craving in no time. In addition, why not get any broken items you still want repaired?

This will engender a feel-good sense. Get that ac repair, for example. If you can maximize the things you already own, it will make you feel more in control.

Paint those walls and ceiling

Fed up with the same four walls staring back at you? Well, it makes sense to get down to your local DIY store and choose some new colors for your walls.

You can brighten things up, and mix it up if you want to. Paint two walls one color, the other two another. The choice is yours. It may also be an idea to get stencils and add some pretty decals to the walls. Paint not only gives it a fresh new look but also adds that new fresh smell. You will feel as if you have entered another home for a while.

And the best thing is that, when you get bored, you can paint over it again.

A few hacks to help reinvigorate your home! I so appreciate how this article points out how important our spaces are to our mental health.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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