Sensationally Summery Ways to Enhance Your Home Today!

Jul 30 2019
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For the first time in my life I have what I think of as “summer sheets” and I have a set of “winter sheets” on my wishlist! I have plenty of sheets, they might be twenty years old but they work fine, but I learned last year that new sheets are an inexpensive way to truly spoil ourselves. I purchased a lovely pair of thin white sheets that are so wonderful in the summer time for making me feel summery! And it does make a difference on how comfortable my bed is too. The temperature in my master is at least ten degrees warmer in the summer than winters so sheets actually do make a big difference!

Summer vegetable garden and updates on the farm, eating dinner in the garden, blooming perenials of every kind and a ton of peony, peonies, blossom, bloom!
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When you get the chance to say “hello” to summer the whole world feels like a better place. The evenings are longer, moods are lifted and you feel more motivated than ever. When you’re planning for summer you always think about ways to enhance your home for the warmer weather.

Perhaps you’re thinking of hosting a barbecue or you simply want to refresh the tired decor in your home. There are so many creative ways to inject a touch of summer into your humble abode this season, so get inspired right here!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Sunnier days mean that you get to spend more time outside. This is a winning situation, as long as you have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. You need to make the most of your glorious garden at this time of year.

Why not hire professional landscaping contractors to beautify your lawn and make all of your summer dreams come true? From paving stones to patios, a reputable company will be able to complete your project seamlessly and fit it into your budget. With just a little bit of tender loving care, your backyard will soon be bedazzling!

Lighten Up Your Interiors

When summer time calls you need to think about lightening up the inside of your home. This could involve anything from a quick repaint to a full reflooring. As the sun shines it can make your home feel quite warm; this removes the need for any deep and dark tones inside your house.

Dark wooden flooring or rich color schemes can feel too heavy for this season, so find a way to lighten your interior in a unique and chic way. Creams, beiges and pastel shades are the perfect way to bring a touch of summer glamor into your home interior.

Get Rid of Heavy Soft Furnishings

Thick throws, fluffy rugs and plump cushions may not be your best friend this summer. Not only are they too warm, but they also detract from the summery vibe you’re trying to create in your house.

Ditch the heavy soft furnishings and favor lighter accessories, such as small, dainty pillows and light blankets. This is especially important in your bedroom, as you will need to create a cooler sleeping environment at this time of year.

Change up your bedding and create an enticing environment that is perfect for the hot temperatures outside. Fresh, light sheets and a thinner duvet will give you all the summer feels right away.

Use Summery Scents

There are so many delicious candle scents that will suit your tastes this summer, so why not fill your home with the best? From vanilla to lavender, there are so many calming, soothing and summery aromas that will transform your home from tired to terrific.

You love getting stuck into a home project, whether you’re landscaping the garden or repainting the walls. This summer it’s all about embracing your personal style at home, from accented patterns to awesome aromas.

As soon as you have found the perfect finishing touches to your home, you will be ready for the sun to sizzle this season.

When summery time calls you need to think about lightening up the inside of your home. This could involve anything from a quick repaint to a full reflooring
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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