The Self-Discovery of Growing Your Own Marijuana

Sep 12 2023
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As of August first of this year marijuana became legal in our state! Pretty crazy to think when I was growing up how it was treated like such a huge scary drug. I use Delta 8 occasionally to help me sleep but I have a couple of family members who use prescribed marijuana for pain and it improved their lives so much. I’ve looked into growing it to sell mostly out of curiosity as I (to be frank) always preferred alcohol lol. But now with the states changing to make it legal I might have to give it a try again!

Lodi and I living through July 2020 in absolute bliss, enjoying all the Minnesota has to offer which is total summertime Heaven, nothing better!

Many people today want more control over their cannabis. To gain this control, they are cultivating marijuana at home. Those who have taken this step are quickly seeing what a rewarding hobby it is. They get a lot of satisfaction when doing so.

The grower can choose which strains they wish to grow while saving money in the process. However, selecting the right seeds is only part of the process. For a successful harvest, the grower must also control other factors. When they do so, having an amazing yield is easy.

Why Grow Cannabis?

Isn’t it easier to purchase weed today? Many states have legalized this substance, so people no longer need to hide their use. However, growing your own marijuana comes with many benefits.

Choose Different Strains

A person might hesitate to purchase a new strain of marijuana because they aren’t familiar with it. They don’t want to waste their money. Purchase a few seeds from different strains and grow them. This is an easy way to see if they are worth growing in the future or if it is best to stick with the tried and true.

Cost Savings

People save money by growing their cannabis at home. However, quality seeds must be purchased to see the best return on investment. A person may invest in discount seeds in an attempt to save money only to find they don’t because the seeds don’t produce or the marijuana is of inferior quality.

Furthermore, a person won’t need to leave their home when they want cannabis. They have it on hand at all times. This not only saves them time, but it saves them money as well. They won’t be paying for gas, wear and tear on their car, and more.

More Control Over the Growing Process

Try different growing methods when cultivating cannabis at home. Grow one crop outdoors, a second in a grow room, and a third using a hydroponics system. Document the results seen with each grow medium for future reference.

Satisfaction With the Process

Every person loves seeing something they have put effort into producing excellent results. The sense of accomplishment a person gets when they harvest the cannabis they have grown is unmatched. They then get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Growing Weed

Growing weed doesn’t have to be difficult. Determine whether the crop will be grown indoors or out and figure out the appropriate setup. When growing indoors, research the items needed for a successful crop, such as grow lights. Some people choose to use a hydroponics system to increase yields. 

Select a strain based on personal preference. Some people want a strain high in THC. Others choose to grow cannabis to have access to strains high in CBD. Either is appropriate.

Next, pick the right location. Indoor spaces may be easily controlled, for example, while outdoor locations must be sheltered from extreme weather. Select a soil type and growing medium and plant the seeds. Now the fun really begins.

Spend time researching different ways to increase the odds of success. However, try each method separately and document the results. Doing so makes it easy to know which techniques worked and which didn’t. With some trial and error and lots of patience, a person can increase their skill level and have a steady supply of cannabis that meets their needs in every way.

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