Quick Tricks To Make Your Windows Look Bigger

Mar 15 2023
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Especially in older homes windows are often a commodity and making them look bigger can also make a space feel and look bigger. Lighter color curtains, curtains that expand beyond the windows or curtains that even span from ceiling to floor can really make a huge difference in the light of a room. Also curtains can balance out a window if it happens to not be exactly centered in a room too, making a space make more sense and it also gives the look of a bigger windows as well.

Especially in older homes windows are often a commodity and making them look bigger can often also make a space feel and also look bigger.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

Not all homes have huge windows, and some even have windows that block out more light than they let in because of their design. If your windows are long beyond their prime, letting in the cold, and have seen better days, a home window replacement is typically the best bet.

But if that is something for later down the line rather than now – there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help your windows look much larger than they are!

Long Rods

A little bit of trickery works well here. Using curtain rods that are slightly wider than the window will mean the curtains fall outside of them rather than chop them further. If you aim for around 15 inches, the mind will automatically assume that the window is being covered and, therefore, bigger than what they can see.

Another huge perk to dressing the window this way is that none of the light from the window will be blocked, it will let the maximum amount of light in.


One of the tricks that Miami interior designers use to make the window appear larger or brighter is by filling in the spaces around the window with a lot of colors. The different tones, shades, and textures of the color bounce the light around.

And since the light is bouncing around the window MUST be letting in more light than you thought!

If you don’t like the idea of color splashing around the window, then you might instead prefer to make sure that not only is the wall painted, but then also paint the frame around the window matches. Although the exact dimensions of the window are now obvious – with the color blending right to the edges, the light coming through will contrast with the color.

Painting the frame means that there will not be a transition from color to a boxy white frame and then to the window pane. Instead, you’ll create a smoother transition.

Floor to Ceiling

The wrong length of curtain will make your window look smaller; conversely, though, having curtains that go from ceiling to floor can make the window look longer. If the curtain ends at the edge of the window that can feel abrupt and gives no doubt about how ‘small’ the window is.

The long drape in a ceiling-to-floor curtain means they look soft and elegant – something often linked with larger windows.


You might see this in hotels because it is a trick often used by interior designers. Two layers of curtains will go across the entire wall where the window is. Not only is it great for privacy, but it makes a significant impact on how big the window looks.

The layers of curtains add a softness to the space, and if you use voile and other tinner materials, the light will diffuse through them. In the diffusion, the light from the window becomes blown out and can look much larger than the window itself.


There is a lot to be said for some well-placed and layered drapes – but sometimes the best thing to do is use a blind. Many interior designers believe that drapes on windows less than 3ft high and 3ft wide can swamp it – making it look smaller, not bigger.

Roman blinds are typically the top pick because they look and feel more dressed up than many other types of blinds. Not only that but they are stylish and practical.

Using top-down blinds can also make a window look longer – especially when you let the blind sit just a little lower than the top of the window. And if that wasn’t enough, blinds are usually the best thing for letting in plenty of light from smaller windows.

There are other ways to make blinds work for you, though. Instead of positioning the blind tuck into the window, get one that is slightly larger. Since the edges of the bind are sitting just outside the window – they help to make the window look larger.

Using vertical strips and having a slight curve in the bottom tricks the eye further into thinking the window is larger than it appears.


Symmetry isn’t the only way to go; a single-sided drape can work wonders. Not only is it not typically seen, but when a window is too small to handle two curtains, and you don’t like blinds – and single drape is ideal.

If you do choose the one-sided drape, try to put something like a chair or a side table on the other side. It gives an interesting balance of items and dresses the window in a modern and simple way.


They might not be as fashionable as they used to be – but they are very cute and work wonders for smaller windows. Make sure the valance runs from the ceiling to the top of the window and maybe 1-2 inches over. This will give the impression that the windows go up much higher.

The valance also hides any curtain poles too! Which means the exact size of the window is much more difficult to see.

Framing the windows with drapes and a pelmet or valance will mean you still get maximum light from the window, too – a bonus!


One of the most common interiors for making not only the windows but the room look bigger and brighter is to keep it as minimal as possible. White or light-colored walls, a soft drape of a light material that helps to defuse the light into the room, and hardware that matches the other furniture that you have in the room.

Having a range of plants around the window, some potted from the floor and others hanging from the ceiling will add some extra dimensions and the edges of the window will be less in focus.

Your windows can make such an impact on how the rest of the room feels; here are some extra tips: How To Make The Most of Your Windows – Grandmas House DIY.

Especially in older homes windows are often a commodity and making them look bigger can often also make a space feel and also look bigger.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

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