Water cooler or water filter – which is the best way to go

Nov 22 2022
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Living this far outside of town for us means that we all have grown accustomed to living with a well meaning a lot of choose to put a main house water filter in. Sometimes its just a softening system but a lot of people do whole house filtration systems now. Some of them are designed to remove heavy metals, iron, calcium etc. I also know of a couple of people who weren’t able to get safe water to drink out of their wells and getting a water cooler turned into an awesome option for them!

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Water Filter - is a filtering system right for you and your household whether you live in town or have well water
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Water coolers and water filters are both popular options for providing clean drinking water, but which one is the best way to go? Water coolers can be more expensive to set up and maintain, while water filters may take a little more effort to install correctly, but they can be less costly in the long run. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each option so you can decide which is the right water filtration system for the office spaces!

Choosing The Best Water Filtration System

When choosing the best water filtration system for office space, it is essential to consider the needs of the employees. For example, if many people drink coffee, a system that removes chlorine and bad taste and odours may be a better choice than a system that filters out sediment and large particles.

Another factor to consider is whether or not the office space has its own water supply or if it relies on city water. If city water is used, a filtration system that removes chemical contaminants like lead and chlorine may be necessary. And finally, it is important to think about how much maintenance the filtration system will require. Some water filtration systems need to be cleaned often or replaced regularly, while others don’t.

In the end, the decision is yours. You can always go to https://www.utilitybidder.co.uk/business-gas/ to compare prices and get more information.

What are Water Coolers

A water cooler is a device that dispenses water for drinking and other purposes. It is another term for water dispensers.

Water coolers come in many shapes and sizes, but all have a common goal: to provide clean, cold water on demand. Some models include built-in cup holders or a small refrigerator to store drinks and snacks. Others dispense hot water for tea or instant coffee. 

In this day and age, you can choose from a variety of water dispensers. Point-of-use water dispensers, on the other hand, draw their supply directly from the city’s mains, while bottled water coolers dispense purified water in disposable bottles.

The term “water cooler” can also refer to the social gatherings that often take place around these devices. Coworkers might congregate at the office water cooler to chat during their break, or friends might gather around one at home to catch up on the day’s news.

What is Water Filter

A water filter is a device that removes impurities from water by means of a physical process such as filtration, sedimentation, or adsorption. Water filters are used in various applications, including drinking water purification, swimming pools, industrial processes, and irrigation.

There are many different types of water filters available on the market. The most common type is the household pitcher filter. This filter usually sits on the countertop and uses activated carbon to remove chlorine and other impurities from tap water. Other common types of filters include reverse osmosis systems and whole-house filters.

Carbon filters are the most common for absorption. So, why is a carbon filter the most effective absorption water filter? To start, it contains a huge amount of interior surface area that is full of crevices that may easily trap chemicals like chlorine.

Water Cooler vs Water Filter – Differences

There are a few main differences between water coolers and water filters. Here are some factors you might want to consider before buying one.


A water dispenser generally requires more maintenance than a water filter since you’ll need to regularly change the filter cartridges and clean the unit. On the other hand, a water filter typically costs more to purchase and install than a water cooler.

Water coolers are better at removing particles from tap water, while water filters are better at removing chlorine and other chemicals. So if you’re concerned about tap water quality, a water cooler may be better.


It depends on the quality of water you start with. If your tap water is high in chlorine and other chemicals, a water filter will be more cost-effective in the long run. If you have good quality municipal water, then drinking filtered water would not be a concern. However, a water cooler may be a better option if your water is relatively clean because you won’t need to replace the filter as often.

Generally, a good quality water filter can last up to a year before needing to be replaced, while a typical office water cooler must be filled with new water every few days. Bottled water cooler costs can also add up over time, so a filtered cooler could be more economical in the long run.


The kitchen is an ideal location for a water cooler or dispenser. Water coolers and dispensers work best in high-traffic common areas like the kitchen, family room, wet bar, den, gym, or even home office. A system that relies on water bottles should not be placed anywhere it will be exposed to intense sunlight. The water will heat up in the sun, the water’s taste and flavour may change, and it may even become green.

Water Bottle Refills

Verify the availability of bottled water service in your area before purchasing a refillable cooler if you prefer the convenience of a service that provides you with new water jugs and removes your used ones. Plus, lots of stores give money off for bottles brought back.

If a 5-gallon jug is too heavy to carry or load onto your water cooler, but you still want to use a water jug system, you may usually use a 2-gallon jug instead. Think about a bottle-free or bottom-loading method to save your back some strain.

Water jugs may be purchased at most places that provide water, refills can be ordered online, and refilling stations can be found everywhere.

Final Thoughts

The verdict is still out on which is the best way to go, but it seems that both have their benefits. If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix, installing a water cooler in your office may be the way to go. But if you want to ensure cleaner and healthier water for everyone in your office, investing in a water filter system may be the better option. Whichever route you choose, make sure you do your research first so that you can find the best product for your needs.


I also know of a couple of people who weren't able to get safe water to drink out of their wells and getting a water cooler was awesome
(This is a contributed post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

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