When To Call In The Experts

Jul 05 2019
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Most of the time I tell everyone to just call the experts. I’m always pretty slow to encourage people to do it yourself with their houses like I do. Quite frankly I don’t want to be held responsible if they destroy something or flood their basement etc. Which is why there is a large disclaimer at the bottom of this website. However, the majority of things in a home are not terribly difficult to do. Do your research. If for any reason you are NOT comfortable doing it then don’t!

I have been caught once or twice hiring the experts and a friend of mine will be like, “Seriously, you hired that out!? Why? You could have done that in your sleep!” And my answer is simple, “I didn’t want to do it because I know what it would entail! Damnit, I’m tired!”

Though all of my DIY abilities have come from not being able to afford hiring a job out nowadays, this little army of one, every now and again will spoil herself by hiring the experts.

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal, somehow I took space AWAY from my kitchen and yet I ended up with MORE storage and a bigger feeling kitchen! A small remodel!
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

When it comes to DIY, there is no greater satisfaction than really starting from scratch and achieving and completing something for yourself which you and your family will benefit from.

It’s a fantastic feeling, a great achievement; it saves you money, is an enjoyable hobby and a great project to have – the benefits of DIY really do go on. However, there are some jobs which are much better to be done by the experts.

No matter how hard you try or how much you want to do them, sometimes it is far safer and in everyone’s best interest for you to hire someone else and here’s when you should do just that:

When You Have A New Dishwasher

If you’ve come home from the shop with a brand new dishwasher or it’s just been delivered then it doesn’t always come with someone to install it too. However, you should resist all temptation to put it in yourself as it really isn’t that simple.

There are a lot of moving pieces; you might need to drill into another cabinet to make holes for the water lines, you’ll need to position them and hook them up.

Hiring a professional might cost you a little extra, but it will be well worth it instead of ending up with a flooded kitchen or a hole where you shouldn’t have.

When You Have A Problem Under The Sink

When it comes to sink pipes unless you know what you’re doing and you are sure where the problem is coming from then you really shouldn’t be dismantling pipes by yourself.

Pipes are very, and if you get it wrong, they can also be tricky to reassemble. The pipes under the sink are often close to other plumbing components and machinery, such as dishwashers or waste disposals. So, if you don’t have prior experience with dismantling and reassembling pipes, you better leave it to a plumber.

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal, somehow I took space AWAY from my kitchen and yet I ended up with MORE storage and a bigger feeling kitchen! A small remodel!

When You Are Re-Doing The Kitchen

So you want to have a go at doing the kitchen yourself, and there might be some stuff you can do. However, when it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets, it is not like any other regular painting job.

Your kitchen cupboards are home to a buildup of cooking grease and finger oils which means that not only do you need to do an extensive deep clean with a degreasing agent, you will also need specialized equipment and to be aware of safety measures.

It is much better to get a skilled painter in who knows how to paint kitchen cabinets.

Checking Appliances

If you have any fuel-burning appliance in your home such as central heating or a water heater, then you need to have it inspected once a year by someone trained to do so.

Experts will ensure that vents are free of obstruction, a pipe hasn’t come loose, something critical hasn’t rusted through and that everything is adjusted correctly.

According to All The Stuff, this is just one of the things you should be doing to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the home.

When You Want To Knock Down A Wall

It can be very tempting just to do it yourself when you know that by knocking down a wall will make your house far more spacious; it will let more light in and allow you to do so much more in your home.

Before you do anything though you need to get a professional in to check that the wall isn’t a load-bearing wall as if you damage a load-bearing wall, it could have severe consequences like the ceiling caving in which can cause serious injuries.

When You Need More Light

When dealing with anything electrical it is always risky, so if you’re getting new lights installed then unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s better to get an electrician in.

If you don’t know how or have forgotten to turn the live power off, then there is a risk that you might get an electric shock. Wiring anything incorrectly often leads even more repairs that are more costly down the road, especially if walls need to be re-opened up to fix the mistake.

A mix of low-voltage and higher-voltage electrical products make electrical wiring even more complicated for a DIY job, so it’s better to leave it to the experts.

When it comes to DIY, there is no greater satisfaction than really starting from scratch but calling in the experts is sometimes paramount to doing a job

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)


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    Sometimes it’s also matter what you can afford, there’s lots of great resources online.

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