Who needs a house cleaner?

Sep 29 2021
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I think we all deserve a house cleaner lol! I dream of the day where, not only can we afford it, but I’m not so frugal that I would actually give us such a treat as getting our house cleaned once a month. But… currently… I just can’t do it! This article has a wonderful idea / notion of hiring a company to clean a friend / relatives house as a gift. What an amazing gift OMG especially for first time mom’s etc!

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Though it can feel like the ultimate decadence, hiring a house cleaner should be no different to other means of outsourcing tasks. Most of us buy vegetables at a supermarket instead of growing them ourselves, and hardly anybody has to coax the milk from the cow for their first coffee of the day. In a world where many people struggle to balance their work and home lives, outsourcing is a way of claiming back some time.

Hiring a house cleaner is a cost effective way of both maintaining a hygienic, more comfortable home, and of gaining some precious time to spend on things you actually love. We take a look at some of the groups that may particularly benefit from a cleaning service.

Families of all kinds

Most adults have responsibilities that take up the majority of their waking hours. Whether that’s work, looking after children or volunteering, these have to be balanced with time for hobbies, seeing friends and the mundane tasks that take up the rest of our spare time, like grocery shopping.

Other caring responsibilities, like visiting elderly parents or disabled family members, can also take time, even if these are tasks that we are happy to do. Most of us would prefer to spend our free time laughing, playing, eating, and on adventures, rather than cleaning the kitchen.

The rule of thumb when it comes to house cleaning is that the number of rooms you have in your home should equal the number of hours a cleaning service will need to do a good job. So, if you have a two bed home, expect a clean to take two hours. This is a lot of time that could be gained back by using a cleaning service, even if you just hired them to do the tasks that you like the least, and spread the rest out through the week to do yourself.

Disabled and elderly people

There are many reasons why someone may find it difficult to clean a home, from using a mobility aid to fatigue to arthritis. House cleaning services will work with you to decide exactly what help you need around the house, whether that is cleaning floors and bathrooms or dusting hard-to-reach corners, tackling dishes and laundry.

Hiring a house cleaner for elderly parents and grandparents is also a lovely way to show them you are thinking of them. Additionally, regular cleaning can cut down on allergens in the household, and getting rid of dust can help ease respiratory ailments.

A professional house cleaner will be able to get into places that others may not, moving furniture and vacuuming under sofa cushions. These are tasks that many of us complete irregularly, so having a house cleaning service take care of all the tasks that need to be carried out often is a way to reduce stress and improve quality of life.

New parents

Organizing a house clean before and after the birth is a practical gift that new parents will be grateful for. It is common for new parents to feel overwhelmed with the adjustment to life with a newborn, especially if one parent needs to return to work shortly after the baby arrives. A cleaning service will make those first few sleepless, harried weeks at home slightly easier.

Hiring a cleaner to come to your friends’ house to vacuum, mop floors, clean the bathroom and kitchen and do a load of laundry, is a way of providing real, meaningful help to new parents. Most cleaning services will be happy to set up a plan with you that is sensitive to the needs of those with babies.

Time with a new baby is precious, and can’t be replaced or reclaimed later. If there was ever a time in life to have a house cleaner come in for a few hours a week, this is it.

To sum up

Outsourcing stressful cleaning tasks to a professional who will complete them much more effectively is an easy way of freeing up time and mental space to focus on the things you really want to do.

Hiring domestic cleaners to help disabled friends or relatives, elderly parents, or new parents is also a fantastic way to show your loved ones you care. It is a thoughtful, helpful gift that they will remember for years to come.

I think we all deserve a house cleaner lol! I dream of the day where, not only can we afford it, but I'm not so frugal that I would(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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