How To Make Small Windows Look Bigger

Aug 13 2021
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Our house is not at all lacking windows in fact we’re almost lacking wall space because I added so many windows in an attempt to give this dark home as much light as possible. North country Minnesota can almost feel claustrophobic with the amount of pine trees most of us are nestled in. Its a wonderful problem to have and so much of why people love to live here. However, it can leave a home so shaded that you can miss the light. Adding many windows and making them look as large as possible can help a lot!

How to build wood working DIY do it yourself hanging flower and planter boxes for your windows or anywhere with sisal rope(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

If your house has a lot of small windows, it will be challenging to use natural light without distracting from your interior design. This is a problem for many homeowners. Small windows were common in houses constructed in the 1960s and 1970s, for example, however, this fashion is no longer in trend, and newer homes tend to have much bigger windows. 

 It’s definitely fair to assume that everyone recognizes the importance of having windows in their house. Their importance from a functional standpoint cannot be overstated. However, the significance of windows in the house extends well beyond functionality. When it comes to this element of your property, a lot of other variables are constantly at play. Windows are critical to your home’s attractiveness, value, and expenses. They keep us safe and warm, add value to our houses, and help us save money on utility bills. They are an essential part of our house that should never be overlooked. 

Why Do You Need Large Windows? 

Larger windows let in more natural light, making a house seem more welcoming. According to studies, individuals love spending time in the sunshine and deliberately seek out places where they can receive the greatest exposure. Bringing in natural light is particularly essential as we approach the darker months of winter. Natural sunshine has been shown in studies to increase energy and improve mood. 

When you have large windows, you can open them to make the transition from the home to the outside living space as smooth as possible. Installing these windows provides you with an additional entertainment area, and your home will feel a lot more spacious. Your visitors will have more room to move around and interact with other guests when you have a gathering or party, for example. 

However, just because large windows are ideal, and just because they might be what you would really like, sometimes they just aren’t possible. This is why you might have to come up with some clever tactics for ensuring your small windows look bigger than they really are. There are many choices for concealing, reframing, and dressing windows that will have a significant positive effect on your house. Color, trim, and cleverly placed coverings can all help to enhance the look of a room with small windows in it. Read on to find out more.  

Don’t Use Dark Coverings 

If you have a room with less-than-luxurious windows, you should make the most of the available natural light. Dark drapes and shades should be avoided since they can either obstruct or absorb light. This has the potential to make your windows seem even smaller. To allow light to shine through, use sheer or light-colored drapes, or use shutters that can be opened up wide, allowing a lot of light to come into the room. 

 In fact, the material of your curtains is also important. Skimpy curtains will only make the whole design seem cheap and poorly done. As a result, while selecting the appropriate fabric for your curtains, always opt for a thick, robust cloth. It will not only perform a better job of concealing the gap between the window and the wall, but it will also seem much more luxurious and costly. Plus, it will perform a far better job of providing you with privacy when you need it. 

Think About Height And Width 

There is nothing that says you actually have to hang your curtains in a certain place or in a certain way. Although generally they will be hung around three inches above the window frame, that doesn’t have to be the way it’s done. For example, you could install long drapes just below the intersection where the ceiling meets the wall to create a floor-to-ceiling appearance. You can also increase the width by hanging curtains at either end of a longer curtain rod. Both effects toy with the viewer’s eyes, making it difficult to determine where the window begins and stops. 

You can also do this with blinds, so you’re not just limited to curtains. Find blinds that are around three or four inches longer than each side of the window itself. In that way, you’re extending the entire look of the window, plus, if you have an odd-shaped space to cover, it will make finding the right blind a lot easier. 

If you’re happy to do some more work or pay out a little more, you could actually change the real width and height of the window using bay and bow window options. If you want to go down this route, make sure you speak to a professional to do the job, as it will require a lot of work and must adhere to regulations.  

Play With Patterns 

Horizontal stripes in clothes are not ideal if you want to look slimmer, and the same holds true for window coverings. If you’re going to make a window seem taller, use long, vertically oriented designs that pull the eye upward. If you want to make a window seem wider, choose horizontal designs that will give the impression of the window being extra-wide. 

This is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your window without having to do any major remodeling works, and it means you can inject some of your own personality into your window dressings while changing how they appear at the same time.  

Layer Curtains And Blinds 

Layering drapes and blinds is a particularly intriguing approach, especially for areas that get a lot of sunlight all year. Combining curtains and shades, for example, is not only a visually appealing but also a very practical choice. Ideally, you should install the blinds near to the curtain rod, as this will make the window seem longer and taller. Don’t allow the wall between the window and the rod to be seen. 

Think About The Wall Color 

This is an often overlooked step, yet it makes all the difference. Or can do if you do it right. If your window frames are white or neutral, don’t paint your walls the same color. The goal here is to make your windows stand out, so pick a color for your walls that will not clash with your windows, but will undoubtedly make them stick out in a good way.  

To get a unified appearance, match the base color of your curtains to the color of your windows and the supporting color of your curtains to the color of your walls. It is important to note that choosing a curtain fabric that matches your current color scheme may be challenging, so it is better to select the curtain fabric first and then move on with the rest of your selection.  

Use Mirrors 

Because tiny windows don’t let in much light, you’ll have to come up with unconventional solutions sometimes to ensure they do the job you want them to do. Adding mirrors to the space is another way to allow in more light. Choose a mirror for the room with the small window that you like the look of, as it’s not just about finding a reflective surface; you need to actually like the mirror too.  

Once you have it, place this mirror under the window or on the wall opposite the window. Any light that does come in will reflect on this mirror and help to open up the space. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily make the window seem bigger, but it will help to brighten up the room, and when there are fewer shadows and dark areas, your windows might look bigger as a result anyway, and you’ll have a nicer room to be in. 

Our house is not at all lacking windows in fact we're almost lacking wall space because I added so many windows in an attempt to give this
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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