8 Steps for Finding Your Dream Home

Oct 07 2018
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Before Grandma’s house became my forever home I had been searching for a little old farmhouse to buy and renovated myself. The process alone was SO much fun! I loved looking at all the options out there and just imagining what could be done with the homes and the properties. Of course I was always looking at the ugliest houses available lol my dream had always been one day to flip properties.

If you live in a generational home, chances are you've dealt with, or are going to have to deal with lead paint at some point.
(The following is a contributed article!)

Searching for a new home is an extremely exciting process. You’re able to find a space that fulfills your buying a house checklist and is gorgeous both, inside and outside.

However, there are some major factors to consider before buying a new property. By putting a lot of thought into the process you’ll be guaranteed to love your new home and won’t need to invest a lot of money making changes to the home or searching for a new home.

  1. High quality schools in the area

If you have children, then you most likely need to factor their education into the decision of where you’ll be living. It’s best to choose a home that’s near a strong educational system.

You want to ensure that your children are having a good education and feel comfortable at school.

  1. Local economy

Before choosing a new home you should factor the status of the economy into your decision. It’s good to determine if it’s wise time to be purchasing a home and whether the economy is rising or declining.

Since buying a home is an investment you want to purchase a home when you know that can make a profit on the property. If the economy is struggling, then it might not be the best time to buy a new space.

If you live in a generational home, chances are you've dealt with, or are going to have to deal with lead paint at some point.

  1. Make sure you like the location

“Location, location, location” is a common saying people use when taking about what makes a dream home desirable. If you have two equally gorgeous homes but one is in a safe and appealing neighborhood while the other one is in a dangerous and dull area, the home in the safe and beautiful neighborhood will be more desirable and sell for more money solely based on where it’s located.

Since you’re planning to send several years to a lifetime in this home it should be in an area that’s not dangerous and meets your requirements.

  1. Look for home with a solid foundation

Before falling in love with a home you should ensure that it has a strong foundation.

If the property shows any signs of water damage or any type of structural issues, then the home might not be the best fit for you. Homes that have foundation problems will require a lot of time and money to fix them and make them safe.

It’s best to look for homes that are already correctly structured so you don’t need to worry about any potential issues once you have moved into the property.

You’ve found the perfect house. Before you commit to buying it, however, you need to decide if you want a professional home inspection.

  1. Check out the basics of the home

While looking at a particular house ensure that necessities such as plumbing, electricity, the furnace and the roof are working properly.

If you’re in doubt you should you should have a certified electrician or plumber come to your home to check everything out. It’s never a good idea to chance it when it comes to these key areas of the home.

  1. The location’s crime rate

It’s possible to get a fair idea regarding the safety and security of a neighborhood by looking up the area online.

Most sites can quickly show you information about various crimes that have happened in surrounding areas. If you can’t find the crime rate information online, you could always ask your realtor to tell you information about the safety of the neighborhood.

  1. The home’s price

One of the largest factors to consider when looking for a new dream home is the asking price of the property. You should never consider purchasing a home that doesn’t meet your budget.

If the home is well passed your budget, then you should look for homes that are priced more reasonably. There’s several nice homes that would meet your budget and not require you to take out loans or go into debt.

The use of wood for small homes has always been a great option for homeowners. Wood provides a natural aesthetic feel especially in homes.

  1. The size of the home

When searching for a new home you should think about whether the property meets your size requirements.

You need a home that can comfortably fit you and your family and also has adequate space for guests. It’s wise to stick to a home size that’s spacious but also within your budget. The larger the home is, the more expensive it will cost.

Buying a new home is a fun and time consuming process. However, you’ll end up feeling satisfied and less stressed when you move into your beautiful new home.

The process involved in purchasing a home can be tedious but it shouldn’t be dealt with lightly since a home is a large investment. You ultimately need to love your home and feel safe in the neighborhood.

This article was written by Marie Thomas from https://www.marble.com. She lives in Connecticut and enjoys traveling, spending time with her two kids and walking her dog.

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)
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  1. January 11, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    Thanks for pointing out that we should make sure to choose a house within our budget. I think that makes sense to ensure that we can really pay for it in the long run. My husband should know about this since we will be comparing houses that we are going to look at to find the one that we will invest in. We just wanted to stop paying for rent to finally have our own property.

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